Who’s Manny Khoshbin?

Manny Khoshbin was born on 14 January 1971, in Iran, and is now a property tycoon, best known because of its president and CEO of their Khoshbin Company.

 Manny Khoshbin

Early Life and Education

Manny spent his youth in Iran, climbing up the ladder with four sisters, until in 1985 his family decided to move to the US, wanting to escape out of the war in Iran which saw some of his relatives being severely hurt, so to prevent the same fate occurring to Manny and other kids.He had difficulty adjusting during his first couple of years in the US, mainly since he wasn’t very knowledgeable about the language and needed to take English classes at his school. Other kids too bullied him, but he didn’t understand the significance of lots of the derogatory phrases that they used. He had his first business-type experience during high school when he sold goods in a swap meet during weekends.


At the age of 16, he got his first job, functioning in the Santa Ana Kmart, mopping the floor and collecting shopping carts in the parking lot. Khoshbin quickly became one of the top employees at Kmart, and within a year was christened a sporting goods assistant manager. But he did not want to remain in work that was just about salary, so he left to search for better opportunities, and began working in a multi-level marketing company selling snacks from door to door.

Within the first two months, he became the highest revenue salesman for the organization. Sometime after, he found a way to reduce his costs to earn more money and realizing that, he began his own business at age 18 during his final year of high school. He leased a small office and started his own business of re-selling various items he had purchased for a bargain price.


Eventually, his company was shut down due to a lack of suitable approval that would satisfy the health code. Still, straight off one of those tier stores he traveled in, a company hired him to work as an assistant supervisor for a year, after which he left as he still wanted to venture into business for himself.

 Manny Khoshbin

Real estate 1991

He was approached by a friend of his dad about purchasing a gas station; he was offered one at just a 10% down payment, and jumped at the chance, however, it was discovered that the offer was a fraud and he emptied his savings. No longer having any money, he tried his hand in getting a real estate license the following year, which directed him to gain a job as a loan officer for a mortgage company.

In six months, he started his own realty company to allow him to invest in distressed bank-owned possessions. Though there was great prejudice against him from Americans due to his descent and the language barrier, he soon achieved success in his area. His wealth grew tremendously through time, and he started collaborating with other businesses as well.

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His Khoshbin Company currently has a commercial property portfolio covering six states and about 2.2 million square feet. He has also ventured into other business opportunities and wants to have a venture that spans numerous fields.

 Manny Khoshbin

Marriage with Leyla

For his private life, it’s known that Manny has been married to Leyla Milani since 2011, drawn together partly due to their shared Iranian ancestry; plus, they have two children together. His wife started gaining popularity throughout the 2005 World Wrestling Entertainment Diva Search, in which she collaborated with thousands of women looking to become a part of WWE. She got the second position, and so she started appearing in WWE Raw commercials.

Eventually, she proceeded from wrestling perform and started modeling for the game show “Deal or No Deal” for another four years. She held case 13 from the series, and in numerous examples, her case had large appreciated prizes. Besides her modeling job, she has made multiple appearances on brand new displays as a celebrity trying to find a charity to support.

She hosted the FOX Sports Net Celebrity Golf championship, and appeared in “My Fair Brady.” She acted in the independent film “Wrestlemaniac,” also made an appearance in “Last Comic Standing.” She tried her hand in business, founding the luxury hair-care company named Leyla Milani Hair — her popularity at “Deal or No Deal” gained her a lot of attention, leading to high profile customers because of her business.

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 Manny Khoshbin

The Riches of Manny Khoshbin: How wealthy is Manny Khoshbin?

As of early-2019, sources notify us of a net worth of $46 million, brought mostly through a successful career in real estate. His prosperity has enabled him to acquire substantial valued assets such as homes and luxury automobiles. He’s also a philanthropist during his free time. Since he continues his profession, We anticipate that his prosperity will also continue to increase.

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