Facts about Nancy Jewel McDonie

  1. Nancy is half from his father’s side and half of Korean from his mother’s side.
  2. She is a singer. Nancy got coaching in singing for six years before her introduction.
  3. She finished her schooling in Hanlim Multi Arts High school in Daegu, South Korea.
  4. Nancey participated in Korea got Talent with a Hip-Hop group Cutie Pies, when she was just 11, She enjoys chocolate and cheese foods.
  5. The singer looked in a couple of music videos, such as Dangerous (2016) and Stood by me (2017).
  6. She emerged in a popular Korean internet show ‘Thumb Light” (2017), where she played an integral role contrary to Minwoo ( Korean celebrity ).

Nancy Jewel McDonie Wiki/bio

Nancy Jewel McDonie is the name of Some popular Korean singer in Daegu, South Korea. Nancy is also called the youngest member of their South Korean woman band Momoland. Nancy Jewel was born in Daegu, South Korea. As per wiki, she celebrated her birthday on April 13 and was born in 2000, making her age 20 this year.

She was raised in America, and after a couple of months, she returned to South Korea to attend high school in Hanlim Multi Arts High School. Her dad, Richard Jowel McDonie, is American, and her mom, Lee Myeong-Ju, is Korean. She has an older sister Brenda, who is a cellist.

Nancy Jewel McDonie Rise to Limelight

In 2011, she strolled in Korea’s Got Talent part of this hip hop group named Cutie Pies. The group succeeded in the semi-finals. Nancy appeared various cameos in music videos such as SNUPER’s Stand By MC GREE’s Dangerous and Me.

She had been a former trainee of this Nega Network. She appeared in many TV programs such as Mak Irae Rae Show: How Can It Affect, where she’d visited with the Philippines and Saipan, Together with South Korean actress Kim Yoo-Jung.

Nancy also became a contender on Mnet’s reality survival shows Finding Momoland in 2016 and ended the contest in second place. Do you know Everything about Ashton Meem? Afterward, she became a part of the woman group MOMOLAND. On November 10, 2016, the group released their first mini-album Welcome to Momoland.

Nancy Jewel McDonie Elder sister: Brenda Lee McDonie

Nancy has an older sister named Brenda Lee McDonie (@brendamcdonie). And while we may want to spare her from the celebrity spotlight’, we will leave her openly available Instagram in case you wish to view.

Nancy Jewel McDonie Speaks More of Korean

Considering that Nancy was raised in the U.S., her English is fluent, as you can see on many videos. She speaks English with a pleasant voice and an accent you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with.

But, Nancy is shown in a series that she talks Korean better than English. Consider the simple fact that she dwelt on Korean for a while and how easy to find the Korean language as a native so that she may be much more comfortable with it.


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