One just can’t get enough of the furry creatures. For all the dog owners who’re looking to spend a day in with their canine buddies, watching a movie featuring the bonds of friendship between humans and dogs is the way to go. For all you know your mongrel might learn new tricks from the dog stars. All the dog people that can’t keep a pet of their own should also give this binge-therapy a shot. It’s sure to bring you joy. If you’re ready to begin the fun fest and don’t know where to begin, then check out our list movies. They guarantee a good time! 


TV star Bolt has his life turned upside down when he’s accidentally shipped to New York. But that’s not even the worst part. The puppy has played the role of a super dog with super powers in a hit TV serial as long as he can remember, and thinks that it is all real. Thrown into the wild with no powers to rely on, he must make his way back to Hollywood. Luckily though, he finds friends to help him get home.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Nobody has it better than Chloe, the spoiled pet of Vivian who likes to spend her wealth on the doggo. Chloe finds herself in the unknown city of Mexico with Rachel, Vivian’s irresponsible niece, to whom she has been entrusted in her owner’s absence. While things are okay for the most part, they soon turn sour when Chloe is dog-napped. 


Carter and Frankie have been kidnapped by robbers from the street of New Orleans and if they aren’t found soon they’re in for real trouble. Luckily their family is spared the pain as Benji, an orphaned puppy, and his furry sidekick barrel into their live and rescue them.

Hotel for Dogs

Siblings Andi and Bruce finds themselves in a pickle when their parents refuse to allow them to keep their dog. Thinking fast on where to place their friend, they stumble across and abandoned house and place him there. They transform the place into a dog paradise to keep their dog comfortable and happy and in the process you get a doggy hotel. So, book a room and check into the fun yourself.

Air Bud

Who doesn’t love a dog that plays basketball? We sure do!

A family golden retriever is on his way to the shelter when his kennel falls out from its owner’s trunk. Lost and homeless, the dog makes its way to a basketball court where he runs into a 12-year-old. As the two play ball, they form a bond friendship that’s here to stay.


There’s always one person in the house who doesn’t want to do anything with the pup until they completely and utterly find themselves in love with these God-sent creatures. The same is the case with George Newton. 

The family patriarch is the least interested in the St. Bernard puppy that stumbles into their lives. However, when the doggo helps them through some unforeseen problems, he wins the hearts of the entire family and we’re sure yours as well. This is a wholesome dog movie which you’re bound to enjoy. So give it a watch if you haven’t already and if you have, well you can always watch it again!

Marley & Me

For this one, make sure to keep tissues at hand, you’re going to need them. Newlywed Jenny and John Grogan find themselves looking to expand their family and adopt a mischievous golden retriever. Marley is the cutest doggo in the world and you’ll find yourselves instantly falling in love as you watch it go through the various life milestones. This movie is a rollercoaster of emotions, you’ll laugh and cry but at the end of it all, you’ll want to watch it all over again!

Lady and the Tramp

How can we leave this Disney classic off the list? Lady is a pampered dog, living the high life. When her owners adopt a newborn into their family she suddenly finds herself on the streets unaware of how to protect and feed herself. This crude reality check is made better though with the help of Tramp, a mutt who sweeps in to protect her. Their cute budding romance will have you smiling and hoping that they make it despite their differences.

101 Dalmatians 

The more the merrier and with 101 of the cutest Dalmatians in the world it’s as good as it gets. Watch these white and black spotted puppies escape the clutches of Cruella De Vil who wants turn them into a fur coat. This live-action movie featuring Glenn Close is worth a watch we guarantee.

Final Words

These movies are all well-known and celebrated. You really can’t go wrong with this list of hits. Movie channels are known to play these classics, so watching them shouldn’t be a problem. If you have Spectrum Silver Channels, you’ll be able to tune in in not time. The great channel lineup combined with their massive on demand library won’t disappoint! So, go ahead, grab some popcorn and let the fun begin.

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