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Pedro Rivera wife

Pedro Rivera is a well-known Mexican actor and singer. Pedro Rivera, also known as the Patriarch of Corrido, is a legend in the music world.

Juana Ahumada was Pedro Rivera’s spouse and became a prominent figure in society. She was his former assistant for eight years. She is currently trending online because she has become the wife of a famous actor. Pedro Rivera is a popular Mexican singer. He is also the father of famous singers Jenni and Lupillo Rivera.

When Did Juana Ahumada Wed Pedro Rivera?

In 2019, the couple got married in private. The couple married in Huntington Park (California). According to resources, security officers were the only ones present at their wedding ceremony. Pedro Rivera and his children were the only ones who knew of their relationship at the time. It was secret for a few months until Pedro Rivera revealed the news to the public. After appearing on Un Nuevo Dia Program, Pedro revealed the name and marital status of his wife.

Juana Ahumada, Professional Career

Juana has not shared any other information regarding her past jobs during interviews, which is unlike other information. Juana Ahumada was an assistant to her husband for eight years. They began to take an interest in each other later.

Juana Ahumada Social Media

Pedro Rivera’s wife is not even on social media. She doesn’t even have any social networks accounts. She married a celebrity to be her reason for being so popular. This was not a scene she made with her. She will be just like any other American woman.


Pedro Rivera

What is Pedro Rivera’s success story?

  • Pedro Rivera, his wife, and their children collected the Olympic buttons. In 1984, they were able to raise enough money for his first production, “Voy A Bajarte Una Estrella.” Since then, there have been more than 50 productions under this label, with a minimum number of 1590 songs. It was an important turning point in Pedro Rivera’s life.
  • He made his first film as a still photographer in 1984 for “Asalto en Tijuana.” That year also saw Pedro become an actor. Pedro Rivera’s career as an actor is marked by the film “Camino al Infierno.” Pedro’s impact on the movie audience was also notable in “La Tumba del Mojado”.
  • Pedro played an active role in the production success of the following: “El Especial,” El Bato Perron,” El Pato Nada,” La Diva de la Banda,” La Diva de la Banda,” Dando y Dando,” Jenny mi Bendicion,” and others.
  • Pedro is an inspiration to all who wish to succeed. Pedro’s dedication and hard work made Cintas Acurio his production company, the world’s biggest Latin record label. Many of the aspiring artists were also produced by his record label. Los Razos (Rogelio Martinez), El Chapo de Sinaloa and Valentin Elizalde are just a few. His achievements as a composer, actor, producer, and music producer are too precious.

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