Secure exam browser – a safe and secure way to conduct examinations

Almost every educational institution is now moving towards an online system of examinations. With the introduction of this concept, the test takers have to show a lot of creativity so that they can score well in the exams. The students try a lot of things to cheat in the exam like on-screen cheating is a very common practice but with the help of implementation of secure exam browser all these practices of manipulation will be finished.

A lot of companies are coming up with the programs that can design the navigation control-based tools so that candidate’s test-taking experience can be enhanced, and the examination can be conducted fairly. The secure examinations browser can be referred to as a modern-day anti-cheating browser that will provide a lot of security and features in comparison to the normal browsers which are already into existence. This system can convert any of the existing systems into a safe and secure work-based station. It can also restrict the ability of students to communicate with different sources outside the test which will make the examination a much more reliable as well as secure way of testing the knowledge of students.

The proctoring of exams is another concept which can help to assess the behaviour of students. Under this concept, the proctor will be assessing the students with the help of test based on the screen. A lot of educational institutions including the universities are realizing the importance of secure web-based browser so that all the gaps between the invigilation processes are overcome. Now, the students cannot even try to move out of the applications before the test has been finished.

Also, the authorization to open any of the websites during test time has been removed. This kind of browser is capable enough to shut down all the active applications like all other browsers so that the students cannot indulge in the activity of cheating through anyway. Because of this, the students will have no access to switch to other tabs and screens while the exam is going on. This is considered to be a unique and new way to conduct the exam with the help of proper and secure systems. The whole process will end when the student will submit the response which will be created.

 Following are some of points of how this system can conduct the examination successfully:

  • By restricting the control over various functions: This browser restricts all the menu options of function keys and keyboard shortcuts. All the functions which are performed by the normal mouse and keyboard will be disabled with the help of this browser. None of the copy-pasting will be allowed. Print screen options are also disabled so that no one can take screenshots and share. None of the text can be copied from the test which will prevent it from further sharing on the Internet
  • All the external based ports will also be disabled: This kind of browser has also disabled all the external ports like using any of the hard drive. In case the student has already synced advice then the test will not begin until the student removes that particular device. If the student uses any of this kind of device during the test then the test will immediately be stopped and the student will be logged out. Hence, all the unethical activities are prevented.
  • The workstations are highly secure now: The concept of secure web browsers keeps the students highly focused and none of the options of minimization of the windows is allowed. There will be no search options and no toolbars which will make the whole process is highly secure. The students are only provided by the back and refresh options. Hence, the safety and security of the test have been highly insured.
  • The navigation is totally limited:The students are not provided with authority to navigate on any of the other browsers. Some of the customized options are available but will be shown only at the time of test and the rest of the options will be blocked
  • No type of browsing will be allowed:The access to all the search-based engines is completely stopped with the help of this. All the other browsers will be terminated and only this particular browser will work on the system. In case the student wants to open the same test into any of the other browsers then the whole system will be working when he or she will put a specific request to the controller.
  • None of the switching can be done:There will be no access to other applications like chatting or messaging among the students who are taking the online-based exam. The students can also not switch between the screens and cannot share the screen. The task manager will also be disabled and only the details of the ongoing programmes will be displayed there.

 To appear in this kind of test conducted by this browser the student has to simply install the safe exam browser on their system. The browser will work after shutting down all the other applications. So, it is advisable for the students to themselves shut down all the applications before beginning with the test. At the time of logging in into this particular browser the students must ensure the following things:

  • The windows and other systems are updated.
  • All the background applications are closed.
  • None of the unethical activity is conducted by the student
  • All the rules and regulations are strictly followed.

The proctoring services help to conduct such examinations most efficiently. A lot of students go with the option of smart work rather than hard work, but the implementation of such systems has ensured that there is none of the unethical practice during the whole process. This has provided the opportunity to the institutions and colleges to remain ahead of the competition and cater to the needs of students in the most efficient ways. With the implementation of this concept, there will be huge improvements in the education sector throughout the world and all the problems started with the online tests will be solved easily.

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