Shoe Guide: Wearing, Buying & What to Avoid

All of us are looking for quality shoes at a reasonable price, and we want them to last for a long time. There are times when you are willing to pay more when purchasing custom mens shoes, because buying from an online retailer could be a time-consuming process since some retailers do not have a showroom where you can see the shoes. But does this always have to be the case? It is important that you know what kind of custom men’s shoes you should wear and what mistakes you shouldn’t make when you are getting your custom shoes made. 

A Guide To Men’s Dress Shoes

There is no such thing as an equal pair of custom men’s shoes. All of them cannot be worn anywhere, with anything. In other words, if you think you can spend a lot of money on a single pair of shoes that will serve multiple purposes, you are in for an unpleasant surprise.

There are some dress shoes that are more appropriate for some occasions, while others are more appropriate for your wardrobe, so you have to choose them carefully. In the following article, you will learn about common types of men’s dress shoes, what to look out for in custom men’s shoes, and how to pick the right one for your next upscale affair.


In terms of formality, Oxfords take the top spot. Balmorals, or Oxfords, are leather shoes with a low instep and a thin, non-rubber sole. Closed lacing is what makes them your most elegant option. Oxfords are often embellished with cap-toes, but the sleeker the shoe, the more formal it is.

Brogues Or Wingtips

A brogue is a leather dress shoe with decorative stitches, perforations, and serrations across the top. The majority of brogues are found in one of four types of closures (Oxford, Derby, Ghillie, and Monk) in addition to four types of toe caps (full or wingtip, semi-, quarter, and longwing). The concept of versatility might be confusing to some; we prefer to think of it as versatile. Traditionally, the more broguing a shoe has, the less dressy it is, according to those following tradition.

Derby Shoes

The Derby is a shoe that is very similar to the Oxford, with a very important difference: the lacing of the shoe is sewn on from the outside. There are visible flaps created by this method, which are less formal than the closed lacing of an Oxford shoe. It has been said that Derby shoes (sometimes called Blüchers) can be found in a variety of colors and materials, as well as a variety of styles (brogue-style and non-brogue, wing-tipped and cap-toed, etc.). Although not suitable for wearing with your most refined tailoring, they can be worn perfectly with a smart-casual outfit.


Whether they’re dressy or sporty, loafers all lack laces or buckles. The classic loafer is a slip-on shoe with a moc-toe construction and a wide, flat heel. The strap of penny loafers can be decorated with tassels, metal “snaffles,” or leather tassels. Generally, the sleeker and simpler designs, as well as darker colors, are the most formal. If the occasion is casual, wear socks with your loafers.

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Custom Men’s Shoes

Mistake 1: Spending Too Much On High-End Dress Shoes

Dress shoes can eat up a lot of your money in two main ways. As an example, there is the option of buying famous fashion brands for a higher price.

There is no way to tell what brand of shoes you are wearing. In addition, there are quality brands that happen to come at a very high price point, like John Lobb or Alton, that are well known for their high quality. There are a lot of great companies, but not everyone needs to spend $1000 on a pair of shoes.

Instead, consider custom men’s shoes. The quality and durability of a good pair of custom-made shoes will give you the most bang for your buck.

Mistake 2: Not Starting With Classic Men’s Shoes

Let’s leave eccentric styles for a later time. It’s always best to begin your shoe collection with a classic workhorse, such as a black cap-toe Oxford for work, or something a little more casual, such as a blucher or wingtip for weekend wear.

Eccentric shoes can still be a great investment. It is best to start with your foundation pieces, as they can be worn for a longer period of time.

Mistake 3: Not Polishing Shoes

Many men don’t polish their shoes or use leather conditioner. You need to take care of your custom men’s shoes if you want them to last more than one winter.

Your first line of defense is wax, which creates a thin layer of protection against water, salt, and abrasion. With luck, a knock against something will just knock the wax layer off instead of damaging the leather.

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