Spiritual growth | Download audio message by pastor Chris

One of our religious priority in life is to grow spiritually, as we grow biologically by feeding on farm products, we need to grow spiritually by feeding on the word of God.

Pastor Chris has always been a blessing to many, his messages has touched millions of lives and you can’t be exempted from these blessings

God wants you to grow spiritually, because you are a spirit and not a soul or body. This growth comes through the Word of God, which builds you up and delivers to you your inheritance in Christ. Understand from this special teaching by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome the principle for spiritual growth and advancement.

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This audio will definitely lead us how to to improve our spiritual growth, do well to listen and meditate on them.

Download here

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  1. For last three days i was ready a Rhapsody Realities for the year of 2018 and its very interesting to me,especially i want to renewal my spiritual life.That is my aim for 2020.

    And how can we get one of the Rhapsody realities for 2020

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