Study Online During/After Lockdown: 10 Tips And Tricks

While all people over the world are living in a restricted period, it is impossible to deny the fact that coronavirus influenced education a lot. On the one hand, we have to adopt all the changes and be flexible to get the most out of the current situation. On the flip side, we should let our creativity sour to make the best of education and achieve our goals. So, here are the 10 best tips from educators that will help you to get a grip and follow your path.

Keep your study space organized 

One of the challenges that come with online education is that all students have to study at home, and all of them have a different space. Also, if you do have not enough time to complete your tasks you always can use term paper writing service, and professional authors will help you and let you get high grades. There are students with personal rooms, students who share their rooms with siblings or flatmates, etc. A general home environment might also be different. However, some ideas will surely apply to you:

  • Find a place that will be your study space, and don’t use it for other purposes. For example, it is a bad idea to study from a bed.
  • Keep this place neat; ensure that you have all the necessary stuff at hand. 
  • If you share your place with neighbors, parents, or other relatives, discuss certain hours when they should be silent. You can also buy earplugs or noise-canceling headphones that will help you to concentrate. 
  • Get rid of all the distractors. Traditional classrooms are minimalistic, and that’s what most home offices lack. Take some time to sort out all the stationery, notebooks, toys, gadgets, etc., and decide which ones you use.

Treat your online classes like real ones

Some learning strategies for students are pretty physical, i.e., they require you to take some actions. But others are psychological, and they are about motivation and discipline. Studying at home, it is really difficult to say, “I’m going to sit down and work on this project.” Though online classes let you be flexible and make some edits to your schedule, you still need to approach them the same way you treat the real classes. 

One of the best tips for this is to remember about your final goal. You’re pursuing a degree for a reason, and even if your classes are online, your diploma will be real. So, you need to gain the same knowledge and skills to get the most value out of your studies. 

Practice time management 

Even the most motivated students experience difficulties with online learning because of time-management issues. When you’re on campus, your professors and mentors take care of your schedule, but when you’re studying at home, it is essential to take control of all the processes. So, what can you do?

Plan your schedule. At the start of the new semester, when your professors provide you with syllabuses, you can look at them and make notes of the most important projects. Use a calendar to tp know what assignments are coming in the months ahead. 

  • Be realistic. Of course, you think that you’ll finish all the tasks on time, but you should know that all students who ended up with “write my paper” requests had the same thoughts. Evaluate all the projects responsibly, and don’t overestimate yourself.
  • Use time management apps. Such tools as Pomodoro, Forest, etc., help you to stay concentrated during the specific period. 

Delegate tasks

If you understand that you lack time and can’t finish an essay before the deadline, you can ask for college essay help. Many custom paper writing companies help students with their assignments. Such services can save you a lot of time, so you can devote it to other projects, e.g., math problems, lab reports, and so on. 

Make pauses 

Your brain can’t be focused all the time. Even when the task is extremely interesting, you need short active pauses. Do some exercises, go for a walk, change tasks, etc. For example, if you’re working on your paper for a long time, you can find yourself in a situation when you lack new and creative ideas. Once you change a setting, your brain will start working more efficiently under new circumstances. Of course, it is also important to take longer pauses, e.g., for healthy sleep, so It is better to ask for an essay writing help service than to pull an all-night. Professional authors will provide you with all your tasks and let you save time and health.

Don’t do it alone 

Remember that you’re not the only student who faces online study issues. If you need support, you can work together with your friends or fellow students (of course, if COVID-19 restrictions in your area let you gather in groups). Teamwork is efficient for many reasons. Firstly, it makes the study environment less stressful, and you can share your fears and doubts with other people. If it goes about complex projects, you can share responsibilities and achieve better results. Finally, teamwork saves you from loneliness when you feel that you were cut off from the world. Live meetings have never been as valuable as now. 

Take advantage of technologies 

While COVID-19 harms most spheres of our lives, it also comes with various benefits that will surely change the future of education. According to research, there are 3 big changes that we have to deal with:

  1. Personalized and engaging curriculum;
  2. Student-focused pedagogy;
  3. Combination of synchronous and asynchronous education. 

Technology impacted education also takes place, and we can utilize various apps and technologies to make our studies better right now. You can download applications that will help you to stay in touch with professors, learn new material, transcribe lectures, etc. Professors can use VR and AR technologies to make classes more interactive, AI tools to evaluate students’ knowledge and get the most out of feedback. You can send a “write my term paper” request online and ask for help whatever time it is. The world has changed, so you can be afraid of these changes or just enjoy them. 

8. Try new hobbies

This tip doesn’t sound obvious since most students will ask, “Where should I find time for new hobbies if I can’t finish my papers and meet all the deadlines?” The point is that the more you’re focused on things you love, the more energy you have to deal with something that is not that interesting. If you send a “do my essay” message and spend this free time playing football, you’ll recharge your brain and gain some new skills that will help you in the future. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about your studies and devote all your time to hobbies. However, if you want to, just ask yourself — do you need this education? COVID-19 times provide us with a great opportunity to review our priorities. 

9. Experiment with study approaches 

The EdTech revolution comes with lots of insights, and it doesn’t mean that you should apply all of them at the same time. But what you can do is to examine your priorities, goals, and talents and understand what works for you.

Right now, morning people and night owls have the chance to build their schedules in order with their needs. Extroverts and introverts are also flexible. Don’t give up if you can’t develop a perfect study plan, explore this topic, and you’ll surely find a solution.

10. Don’t stay isolated

We mentioned that it is important to stay in touch with professors and other students, but it is also necessary to expand your network. The good news about COVID-19 is that all people over the world struggle with some challenges, and they need some kind of connection as never before. Join interesting blogs and channels, listen to podcasts on topics that you study, apply for online courses on different programs, and build a community of soulmates. Once restrictions are over, your effort will surely pay off! 

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