The TVs to Look Out for This Year

I cannot think of anyone who has never owned a TV or paid for cable to gain access to thousands of entertaining programs. The attractiveness of the media industry is just impossible to resist. In the past, everyone paid for cable, internet, and home phone, but with the evolution in technology and the introduction of cellphones and smart devices, home phones and traditional cable are losing their charm.

Hence, providers have made their bundle offers very attractive. They offer promotional rates that could be anywhere from 20% to 40% lower than standard rates. While I was searching for a cable provider I found out that unlike other providers who only offer promotional rates, Spectrum TV comes without a contract, and on top of all spectrum business support stands out of all other providers in terms of providing prompt assistance. You are free to keep the service for as long as you want and cancel with no consequences. Since then I’m a firm believer in cable TV.

Now let’s look at the tech tech-savvy population, who want the latest of everything and want to do everything over the internet. You’re the reason online streaming apps are on the rise and I’ve got good news for you!

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show some incredible smart TVs were unveiled that you definitely would want to splurge this year.



  1. Sero Swivel TV

Believe me, this is one weird TV. The Sero TV is designed for you to watch vertical videos mainly to watch social media videos. You can switch to a full full-screen view and can control the TV with your smart phone. I don’t know about you but I’m really curious to see how many people would want to see vertical videos and how much would this weird piece of technology cost.

  1. 8K TV

Samsung also showed off their latest introduction, an 8K TV. You may have trouble finding anything to watch on it for a year or so, but the bezel bezel-free design is fantastic. Although, there will definitely be a big price tag attached to it when it goes on sale.

  1. The Wall

If you’re one of the few who like to go big with everything then Samsung may have come up with a TV just for you. They have a new modular TV called The Wall that forms one huge screen by linking together smaller screens.


  1. Roll-up TV

This is a 65-inch screen that you can roll-up like a yoga mat with a push of a button. Now that’s innovation! However, keep in mind that with great innovation comes a big hole in your pocket too.

  1. 8K TVs

LG’s array of 8K TVs included it’s signature OLED TVs as well as the advanced Nano Cell TVs with screens ranging from 65 inches to 88 inches.


  1. 8K Mini-LED

With the huge success of Roku TV, Chinese company TCL is taking a huge step forward with its Mini-LED and 8K technology that they will incorporate together in their new TVs. I wonder what that would be like.


  1. Bravia TVs

Sony’s Bravia TV has gone BIG and I mean literally 98-inches big with a $60,000 price tag on it.

  1. Z8H TV

With everyone else going 8K, how could Sony stay behind? The Z8H is an 8K TV that will be available in two screen sizes, 55 inches, and 85 inches. The screen also has built built-in speakers.

Alright then, if I’ve got you all pumped up and drooling over the thought of an amazing TV let’s get back to work and make some money roll in to buy ourselves at least one of these marvelousmachines when they go on sale.


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