After running a business for quite some time, eventually challenges change and adjustments need to be made within the company. If you’ve thought of scaling to acquire more customers through purchasing equipment or just improving cash flow, then you’ve come to the right place for some business tips. These days, AI mortgages are leading the conversation when it comes to loans. Having a platform—like Home Lending Pal—can assist in finding the best option for you based on your credit standing, ongoing expenses, and debt. 


Before deciding on a business loan lender, there are a few things that you need to consider. How much money do you need? What do you need the money for? And more importantly, how long will it take you to pay it back? Identifying the answers to these will aid in deciding the type and terms of the loan. 


It’s normal to be apprehensive about getting a loan considering the risks it entails. However, taking the next step in order to grow your business is sometimes necessary. A loan can help you expand operations, purchase new equipment, and even increase working capital to smoothen day-to-day operations. 

What exactly should you look for when you apply for a business loan? We list down a few factors below!

  • Interest rates

While having low interest rates when taking out a loan is not always possible, it’s best to consider the total cost of interest for the duration of the loan. Read the fine print and calculate the total amount you’ll be paying off, so you can make smarter decisions on the type and duration of the loan. 

  • Personalized options

There are multiple loan options available depending on your financial standing and credit score. Through an AI mortgage platform, finding a lender matched to your financial status is now easier than ever. Home Lending Pal not only ads in determining approval odds and affordability risk, but also offers recommendations and assists in submitting your application to various lenders. 

  • Simple process

Technology offers a wide range of benefits—especially that most individuals are running their business and doing their errands from home. And finding and applying for loan lenders is one of those tasks that you can do from your mobile device, too! Just create an account, connect a bank account, authorize a small FICO pull, and finally, discover loan lenders. This simplified process eliminates lending discrimination, finds affordable options for your financial standing, and connects you to lenders who are most likely to accept your application. 

  • Data protection

Now that most tasks can be done through a mobile device, data protection is more important than ever. We, as customers, need to be ensured that the details that we share online are protected and never shared to third-party companies. Because financial data is sensitive, Home Lending Pal makes use of blockchain, which is integrated into the back-end of the lenders’ system and only allows authorized individuals to see your data. 

With an AI-powered mortgage advisor, getting the loan you need at the terms you prefer is much more seamless. Once you find your match, you can now look into your long-term business goals. Always check for flexible payment terms as well as discounts in the case you pay off your loan earlier than expected. 

Home Lending Pal is an AI-powered mortgage advisor that provides AI-solutions when applying for loans. For more information on loans, account setup, and other FAQs, check out their website. 


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