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Tyler the Creator is an American record producer, rapper and music video director, who rose to fame after he co-founded “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All”, an alternative hip hop collective of which he is also the de facto leader.

Tyler that the Creator Early Life, Family, and Education Background

tyler the creator height

He was born under the Zodiac of Pisces on the 6th of  March 1991 at Ladera Heights, California USA. His dad hails from Nigeria while his mom is of Afro-American and snowy Canadian descent.

His father left before he was even born, and consequently, Tyler does not know him. He was raised alongside his sister Lynda within their hometown. If he was seven years old, Tyler would use his whimsical albums to substitute old record covers.

Tyler moved to several colleges throughout his 12 years of instruction, different schools every year all of these from the Sacramento area.

By the time he turned 14 he was interested in music, and he enrolled on piano lessons, and in a brief time, he’d become an expert pianist. He was also an extremely athletic kid and got a skateboard for a present when he was a teen.

Though he never acquired any instruction about the best way to utilize it. However, he was able to find out by merely watching the”Pro Skater 4″ game in addition to some other videos. Although Tyler was a shy child who liked to keep to himself, he also gained popularity in his senior school when his schoolmates learned of his musical talent.

Tyler the Creator Career

Before he rose to fame in the music industry, Tyler worked at Starbucks for several years, and also at FedEx for a fortnight. Eventually, he left these odd jobs to pursue his passion for music as a career.

He published his very first mix-tape qualified”Bastard” in December 2009, and it scooped the 32nd position on Pitchfork Media list. He published his favorite music movie”Yonkers” in 2011 on his album”Goblin” — that the movie drew a lot of media focus, and Tyler later affirmed he had signed with XL Recordings for a one-album contract.

The team was afterwards joined by other musicians such as Lace Bangs and Jeff Tremaine amongst others.

They usually conduct a show for 10-15 minutes and include live-action and comedy sketches with pranks and songs that”Odd Future” had written. This show aired for three seasons containing more than 30 episodes.

In 2010, Tyler had hinted that he would launch an album named”Wolf” in 2012, but that did not occur until April 2013, utilizing the tools that Tyler had made since he was 15 years old.

As he had hinted before, the album was of beats compared to his regular rapping. As lovers awaited this record to be published, Tyler was performing various guest verses for fellow musicians, including”Martians vs. Goblins” by Game featuring Lil Wayne, and”Trouble on My Mind” by Pusha T amongst others.

Tyler released his third record, “Cherry Bomb” in 2015 during “Odd Future Records”, following his preceding tune became a success. Tyler has gained many credits as a celebrity too — he’s made appearances in different television series, including “Uncle Grandpa”, “The Jellies”, “Lucas Bros Moving Co”, “Axe Cop”, and”Black Dynamite”.

His additional credits include 25 as a director, 17 as a manufacturer, and 23 as a writer. He’s also accountable for producing Odd Future’s sparks artwork and designing the groups merchandise in addition to their clothes.

Tyler the Creator Dating Life as a Gay

tyler the creator net worth

Even though Tyler’s is a renowned individual, is Tyler the creator a gay? there’s little known about his love life. There was a time in which his heritage came under scrutiny because he’s given hints of enjoying boys, but never supported it. That has abandoned his fans with more questions than answers.

He has also been confronted with a backlash for the usage of gay slurs in some of the raps. For example, in their own “I Ain’t Got Time” song, Tyler’s lyrics contain him saying how he’s been filmed with white boys since 2004. After he went for an interview with Koopz Tunes, Tyler confirmed he had a boyfriend while growing up, and in 2017 stated he had a boyfriend in California when he was 15.

Though their relationship was short-lived, Milan appeared in Tyler’s music video titled “She”. In 2016, Tyler has been said to maintain an intimate relationship with Kendal Jenner.

However, both of them denied the rumours stating that they were just friends who have been photographed.

The rumours got out of hand, making Kendall jokingly tweet we’re dating’ to Tyler who responded saying that there is no way they may be dating as they were equally gay — joking or not is still unknown.

While Jaden Smith was performing in the Tyler’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, he called Tyler his boyfriend.

He also added ‘I want to tell you people something Tyler doesn’t want to say — he is my boyfriend and has been all my life.’

He tweeted that Tyler could not keep denying the simple fact that they were boyfriends. Tyler responded to the tweet calling Jaden mad. Until Tyler discloses whether he’s homosexual and informs his fans who he’s dating, he stays one guy.

Tyler the Creator Controversies

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Tyler has been associated with different rumours and controversies during his life in music, including that he has been in relationships with Kendall Jenner and Iggy Azalea. He has also been criticized for using homophobic language, misogynistic lyrics, and graphical representations of violence against women.

At 15th of March 2014, Tyler was also involved in another controversy when he had been arrested for instigating a riot at the music festival being held at the South by Southwest.

Tyler the creator height 

According to some sources, Tyler the creator stands a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs about 76kg.

Tyler The Creator Net Worth

Tyler has been very effective in his audio career and earns a fantastic quantity of income from it. As of 2019, reputable sources estimate Tyler The Creator’s net value to be less than 6 million, probably to rise provided his profession continues.

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