What is the Difference Between Game Design and Game Programming

Game developer vs game designer

Converting a web layout into a fully functional website is a rather long, painstaking process. The most important role in it is assigned to the code, with the help of which the finished design is translated into a working draft. But does a web designer need to know how his creative work is brought to life? This is a rather controversial issue in the IT industry. Some experts believe that it is not necessary at all, others – that it is simply necessary. Which of these statements is true and how web design and coding are related, let’s try to figure it out.

Everyone who works in the field of design understands that website development does not end with creating a web layout. The process consists of many stages. Here different specialists are responsible for specific tasks and to some extent interact with each other. As a result of this interaction, such web pages are made as an ordinary user sees them: with a certain structure, text, images and other graphic objects. To give a more detailed picture of the big picture and understand what coding is, let’s briefly go through the stages from design to layout.

The developer, even though formally a creative person, is a purely mathematical approach. At the heart of everything is a bare theory, kilobytes of manuals about that. how to properly compose a site, where to attach scripts, how to improve performance without losing attractiveness. Each step must have a rationale, statistics prevail over individuality. And quality is determined not by attractiveness, but by the absence of errors.

A web designer thinks in other categories, the basis of his work is examples of particularly successful sites. An approach to design that stands out as much as possible from the general mass, but at the same time does not dissonant with this mass. For him, statistics play a role only when the scope for creativity ends. In all other cases, the flight of thought is primary.

Comparison of a web developer and a web designer can be reduced to a banal conversation about the dominance of different hemispheres. But gradations will be a little clearer in terms of future choice. The designer almost always avoids categorical evaluations. While the developer a priori perceives his work as binary, that is, either true or false. No more or less for you.

Game design vs game development

The companies are often looking for employees who can pull both these professions at once. It is better for applicants not to be scattered and build a resume according to their main specialization. If it is important for a web designer to include creating a portfolio for assessing graphic skills, where there will be both individual images and sources of sites. The developer needs a profile somewhere on Github. Here the potential employer would not only appreciate the “exit”, but also could study the code carefully.

Different goals

Despite the fact that both the programmer and the web developer are working on endless code, the goals of game development vs game design can be very different. The main difference is that programmers create totally new applications or try to improve software, which exists. Web developers build and maintain websites.

The difference between them can be understood if to analyze the goals. The designer is working on the layout of the website and basic features. But no need to write any code for plan implementation. In his work the designer can use special programmes. https://kevurugames.com/blog/the-very-difference-between-game-design-and-game-development-you-want-to-know/ is great example.

Web developers fill in the gap between web designers and programmers. The web designer works on the website design, as the web developer creates product with specifications. The programmer is working on requests from website users. When this task is over, the developer can work on another project. As for the web developer, he updates and maintains the site.

The developer spends a lot of time in order to improve the code for old applications. Also he tryes to add new features to them.

But nevertheless, the game design vs game development have one common important detail: most customers do not want to hear about this division.


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