Who are supercar models and how do they live?

Meta Description: supercar models are girls who know how to be in love with their work and sell beautifully. Let’s get acquainted with supercar models and see how they live.

Have you ever heard of supercar models? If this type of activity is new to you, let us know! Supercar models are beautiful, spectacular girls who receive huge amounts of money and luxurious gifts by posing in front of cars. Such models fly all over the world and advertise well-known car brands on social networks. Such girls have a huge number of subscribers, fans who support them on social networks. Why do brands choose this type of promotion of their cars? Let’s find out!

Alex Hirschi

Supercar Blondie – Alex Hirschi has 6.5 million followers on Instagram! Just think about these numbers! The Australian-born model has become the richest supercar model ever, earning $2 million a year. On the way to success, the girl had to face many stereotypes. Alex had to work for several years without a vacation to reach such heights.

Model says that for a long time she could not explain to her parents what she was doing. After acquaintances began to tell her father and mother about her popularity, they became proud of her.

How did Alex become so popular? The model created an Instagram account some time ago. There she told and showed her own range of luxury auto. She has always been really in love with luxury cars. Over time, a lot of users began to subscribe to her page, and soon famous brands and manufacturers drew attention to the beauty.

Despite all the beauty of Alex’s life, the girl notes that she has often faced ridicule from men. Stereotypes that girls do not understand anything about cars, unfortunately, have not gone away, as well as jokes about a woman behind the wheel. Alex says that the more girls who drive cars, the more normal it will be in society.

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Becky Evans

Like the previous model, Beck just loves cars. Evans has 108k followers on Instagram. The girl has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years. She hosts the Girls Guide To series, Becky says 90% of her audience is male.

Becky’s active work on her social networks has led to a collaboration with the Redbull brand and participation in a TV show. After Becky finished the racing, she didn’t want to lose touch with the area of cars, so she posted pictures of her cars. 

The girl assembled the BMW E-21 with her own hands. Motorists were delighted with her work. Becky says she has never encountered sexism in her work.


This is such an interesting profession that the automotive industry has given birth to, and social networks have once again demonstrated their power as a promotion tool. Amazing, wonderful and beautiful!

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