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yoo shi-ah

Yoo Shi-ah, born on the 17th of September 1995 in Seoul, South Korea, is a singer famous for being part of the K-pop girl-group Oh My Girl, which WM Entertainment dominates. She’s also a former participant of this band, Girls Next Door. She’s released many hits with Oh My Girl, and they have also blown.

The Wealth of YooA

As of early-2020, YooA has a growing net worth estimated to be somewhere around $300,000, earned through a thriving career within the South Korean entertainment industry. She has traveled around the planet because of her many talents, and has also gained many endorsements.

At a very young age, YooA aspired for a livelihood as a K-pop idol began developing her singing and dancing skills in a new era.

She moved into auditions as a teenager and was eventually hired by the company WM Entertainment, which has been functioning since 2008 and is well known for managing classes like ONF and B1A4.

She trained with the group for quite a while and was finally chosen to become part of WM’s girl group job termed Oh My Girl or OMG, joining other six members, namely Hyojung, Arin, JinE, Binnie, Mimi, Seunghee, and Jiho.

Yoo si-Ah

In 2015, pictures of the group’s members started to spread online, and a month later, they made their entrance with their first self-titled extended play (EP).

They then organized their first live performance in “The Show,” aired on SBS MTV. Shortly after the group announced that they might be preparing their second release, the EP “Closer,” that had the lead only of the same name.

They’d planned to go to the US to perform but were refused entrance as they’d lied about why they were traveling, stating that they were there to go on a holiday but were there to carry out a function.

Success with Oh My Girl

In 2016, Oh My Girl published their third EP known as “Pink Ocean,” which they promoted through South Korea concerts. They then reissued his or her EP known as “Windy Day,” which also included two new songs, then held their very first solo concert in Seoul, at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall. Tickets for the event were sold out in just three minutes, the fastest ever recorded for a rookie group.

It was announced during the midst of this calendar year, that JinE was put on hiatus because she was suffering from anorexia nervosa. This eating disorder was causing her body problems.

Yoo Shi-ah

The following year, they started working on their fourth EP, “Coloring Book,” until JinE was released from the company due to medical issues. Across precisely the same calendar year, YooA engaged in the variety show “Idol Drama Operation Team,” which saw the formation of this lady group named Girls Next Door.

The team featured Somi out of IOI, Sujeong in Lovelyz, D.ana in Sonamoo, Sohee from IBI, Seulgi from Red Velvet, and Moonbyul in MAMAMOO.

In 2018, Oh My Girl made a strong comeback with a new EP called “Secret Garden,” and a promotional mini-concert happened that had been sold out over two sessions.

Yoo Shi-ah


They then released a brand new album named “Oh My Girl Banhana — Banana Allergy Monkey,” which saw the creation of a unique subunit called Oh My Girl Banhana. Oh My Girl subsequently signed a deal with Sony Music Japan’s Ariola Japan, which saw them make a Japanese version of “Banana Allergy Monkey.”

Their sixth EP was also released in precisely the same year called “Remember Me.” In 2019, the band toured around Japan, holding festivals in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

They published his Japanese debut record called “Oh My Girl Japan Debut Album” which surfaced on top of this Oricon Daily Album Chart. Then they released a Korean studio album known as “The Fifth Season” before focusing on another Japanese record called “Oh My Girl Japan 2nd Album“.

The popular group then participated in the television program “Queendom,” by which they achieved runner-up position in the overall standings. One of the newest releases is the third largest Japanese record known as “Eternally.”

Yoo Shi-ah

Personal Life

YooA is only, and such as many K-pop idols, she does not have plenty of time to engage in an affair due to her busy schedule. There is also the fact that her management is rigorous when it comes to the affairs of these idols.

Back in 2018, it had been disclosed that YooA was one of those most searched idols on the web, mainly thanks for her body and proportions. This is because she looked taller by three inches despite being five-foot, which she attributes to her healthy habits and dancing. Her natural proportions additionally help her look taller, as she’s got long legs.

Yoo Shi-ah

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