10 tips to succeed in the HSBC online immersive assessment test


HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) online immersive assessment test is applicable to graduates who tend to seek for jobs in HSBC bank. When you apply for a position at HSBC bank, you will be expected to take part in an aptitude test called HSBC online assessment test, that’s why I will be writing on 10 tips to succeed in the HSBC online immersive assessment test.

Succeeding in a test depends on many factors such as your ability to understand how the examiner sets questions, if you could get recent questions related to the test you want to write, you are half way to succeeding in that test.


  1. Get recent questions

Popularly known as past questions. You check online for resent questions or ask an already existing staff in the bank how the questions are, like how difficult it is. By doing this, you are exposing yourself to the manner of questions been asked in HSBC online immersive assessment test.

When getting these recent questions, try and get the most recent year questions like that of 2019, 2018 and so on. People these days are lazy to dig for old questions thereby forcing them to settle for most recent questions.

  1. Study on daily basis

Even though it’s one of the compulsory things that you must do to have good grades, there are still more work to do in your studies. Know when you tend to assimilate faster, some at night some at noon. It’s dependent on your body system.

When studying for HSBC online immersive test, try to avoid excess protein. Take more of vegetables and fruits, its tends to improve your immune system.

  1. Don’t be nervous

Life is never a bed of roses, you don’t expect everything to work every time, and sometimes we face trials just for us to learn from our mistakes. When preparing for HSBC tests, don’t be too nervous, be confident of yourself don’t think too much about the outcome, focus on the input.

Study shows that when you get too nervous for a test or an exam, you tend to forget 70% of what you have read and remember 67% of what you have read after the test.

  1. Group reading

Let’s get real; you don’t know everything so try to read with others who tend to know more. By that way, you get to learn new things pertaining your field.
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  1. Don’t read too much

Surprised? You shouldn’t be, too much of everything is not good at all. Don’t just over read, do the best you can do and leave the rest for God. I always advice that you should start reading at least 3 months before the test, by doing this you will have edge over others.

  1. Make the internet friendly

Study shows that over 90% of information needed are in the internet, when studying for hsbc online immersive assessment test, try to research online about some topics, you could get informations that you have never heard or come across with.

  1. Give yourself break

Seriously, the brain needs to rest, even though it might not say it directly to us. Try and relax your brain more often so that the little you have read will be digested as soon as possible. The brain shouldn’t be over stressed. Move in a while, walk around your environment, and try to see different things daily.

  1. Don’t read the morning to the test

Many people make that mistake a lot, you shouldn’t read four hours to the test, when you are confident of the one you have read, and it should be enough for you. Reading at that time might confuse your brain and you may end up not remembering anything at all.

  1. Pray always

Irrespective of your religion be it Christian, Muslim etc; do well to communicate with your God always. Its build the spirit man, also seek from God and inquire from him always so that you could with direction.

  1. Read your summaries

When studying for HSBC online immersive assessment test, and you have a text book filled with notes. You could just summarize the text book in your own words. By doing this, you will understand the text book better and their respective topics.

I just listed 10 profitable ways to succeed in HSBC online immersive assessment test. Helpful? Share to others and make someone happy.


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