It has always been the dream of many to create a blog either for their personal use or for business purposes. To create a blog can never be a day job or something you can do overnight. In this post, I will write on the basic steps on how to start a blog.

Before we go into the basic steps on how to create a blog, let’s know the things we need to create a blog. A farmer that goes to farm without the basic tools will end up not achieving anything. So in this case, you need some tools before you create your first blog.

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  1. Gadgets ( Laptop or desktop)
  2. Capital (At least $50)
  3. Niche you wish to start with
  4. Unique domain name
  5. Wi-Fi connection
  6. New ideas

Detailed explanation….

  1. Gadgets: definitely before you start a blog, you need a gadget, now for a start I will prefer you start with a PC or a laptop for ease later you can use your android phones or apple phone. It’s not necessary you will use PC forever, after the design and other things.

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  1. Capital: you can’t start a blog without a capital; the money will be used to purchase a domain name, hosting (not compulsory) and premium themes. At least $50 is okay to start a blog if you are getting a hosting space. But if you are using free hosting, you need $15 to start a blog.


  1. Niche: This is where people get it wrong, you need to choose or decide which niche you want to blog about. Is it news, entertainment, religion, sports, tech and so on? Choose based on what you love doing and what you know more about.


  1. Domain name: You will need a domain name, a unique name to start with name. You can buy domain name from or any domain registrar of your choice but I recommend namecheap.


  1. Wi-Fi connection: Am not meant to include this because we all know we need this. We can also use mobile network but just make sure the one you using is fast and reliable.

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  1. New ideas: Currently now, millions of people have driven into the blogging line which make its very competitive, so you need new ideas and innovations so that you will have the capacity to stand out from the crowd.


Now these are the basic things you need to start or create a blog, next is how to create a basic blog.

  1. Choose a platform
  2. Buy hosting and domain
  3. Choose a template or theme that correspond to your niche
  4. Design your template to your choice
  5. Create all necessary pages
  6. Write your first post
  7. Share and tell people about your blog.

Detailed explanation….

  1. Choose a platform: There are many platforms which you can use to create a blog, but there are two major platform used by millions which are blogger platform and wordpress platform. The difference between the two is that in blogger platform you don’t have full control and don’t need a hosting space as it is free. While in wordpress, you have full control and need a hosting space.For now I will advise you go for blogger platform as it is very easy and free, when you blog gets more visits and recognition, you can move to wordpress but it’s quite expensive but it’s worth it.


  1. Hosting and domain: Like I said earlier that you should start with blogger platform, so in this case you don’t need hosting, just get a domain name from and set it up on your blog. If you need further assistance, contact us here.


  1. Choose a template: The design of your blog determines your number of traffic, people love good designs and will always come back to read more on your blog. So choose a good template that fits your niche. You need free good templates? Go here.


  1. Design your blog: After getting your template, adjust some settings on your blog like the header and body. Don’t add too much java scripts as it may slow down your blog and increase your bounce rate. Also get a logo for your blog, its helps a lot. Contact us for your designs.

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  1. Create all necessary pages: Very import sector of your blog, create all pages for your blog like the about page that talks about your blog, privacy policy page, sponsored post page, guest post page and contact us page. These pages helps your visitors understand more what your blog is all about.


  1. Write your first post: Write an interesting post since it’s your first post, don’t make it too lengthy add a sub title, heading. Write something that will make people want to visit your blog again.


  1. Share your blog: Increase your audience by sharing your blog posts on social media and also by telling people about your blog. You can also visit forums and post your blog link there; this will increase your blog audience.


Now you have seen how to create a blog, take that bold step visit and create your first blog. One thing you must know is that you shouldn’t expect you blog to grow immediately, it’s a gradual process. Do the necessary thing and watch your blog grow.

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