How to make money as a student in college.

As a student, you don’t really need to depend on your parent on parent for money every time. As a student, there are so many ways to make money both online and offline. There are so many online jobs for students to earn money which I will show you in this post, also how to make money as a student in college.

When I started school, I wasn’t opportune to get articles on how to make money as a student in college, things where kind of difficult. Since I have gotten some ideas on how to earn money as students, I have decided to share for everyone to benefit.

Even though there are so many challenges you will face when trying to make money as a students. These challenges are what am going to list and probably the solution to it. No matter the kind of business you want to start, you will definitely face some challenges.


  1. Funds to start the business
    No matter what, as a student you will definitely face financial challenges when trying to start up something. You might be considering the fact that you haven’t bought textbooks, materials and pay some crazy bills. Surprisingly, you can start with as low as $20 depending anyway.

    Get loans from people or banks and be sure to pay at expected time. You can also discuss with your parent or guardians explaining to them how profitable this business will be, probably you can get some help.

       2.     Time factor

In much as you want to make money as a student, you will need to know how to balance your time. Going for lecture, doing your assignments and projects. This is a major challenge you will face.
 Draft out time when you read, go for your business and attend lectures. Try and balance your time because your academics are very important. First thing first.



  1. Buy and sell

While you are in school, you can find stuffs and be selling, for example you can be selling phone accessories, books, clothes and shoes. You can make a lot of money from selling stuffs. One secretes to make money offline as a student is to look for what people need i.e. a product that has high demand. Example is power banks, chargers, headsets and many more. 

  • Charging of phones and laptops.

There are some colleges that face issues in power supply, you can take advantage of that and open a shop where people can charge their phones and a moderate cost. Example, you charge $1 to fully charge a phone, in a day you get 10 people to charge their phones, 10 phones  X $1 gives you $10 per day. That’s super cool; you can even get more than that if the demand is very high.

  • Open a game center

In as much students want to study their respective courses, they also want to have fun. As the saying goes “All work and no play makes jack a doll boy”. You can rent a shop and stock series of games there like ps4 ps3 and many more. Probably you charge $2 per 10mins, people will love to play games especially the guys. One thing you must know is that this kind of stuff will definitely take your time so the best thing to do is to employ someone to assist you.

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  • Bulk sms and email business

This is one of the easiest because you only need very little capital to start. All lot of organizations will need to send sms to their members. Example, a church or fellowship will need to send sms to their members reminding them of their programs they have or class reps will need to send sms to his classmates reminding them of lectures that they have and many more. This is a very lucrative business to start.

  • Computer related  jobs

Computer jobs are very profitable. In this computer age where everyone needs assistance, you can actually get offers for the following services…

  • Internet solutions
  • Repairing of computer related problems
  • Online application to school services
  • Installation of software’s and manual setup
  • Typing and scanning.

You only need but little stuff to start this business, brain work is very important here.

  • Freelancing

Okay let me explain….. This is simply writing projects and assignments for students. Freelancing also means writing for a website to get paid. You can be writing stuffs like projects for final year students, you can write reports and assignments for students. It’s all depending on your writing skills and speed also but you can make huge money by writing.

  • Engaging in menial jobs.

What are menial jobs? These are yet part time jobs that requires a little effort to do. This kind of job doesn’t really take your time. In fact you can do it at your own convenience. Examples of menial jobs you can do are…

  • Washing of cars
  • Laundry work
  • Running of errands
  • Cooking services and house maintenance

I know of a student that washes cloth for 0.5$ per cloth depending on the size of the cloth anyways. But this dude makes cool money from it especially on weekends. You can also involve in washing of cars and many more.

  • Opening tutorial centers.

Do you know a course very well? You can get paid for teaching your favorite course. Back then in school, one of the most difficult courses was engine drawings and people paid a lot to learn it especially girls. There is no limit to what you can earn. You earn a lot especially during exams and quizzes.

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Now these are the top ways to name money as a student offline, next will be how to earn money as a student online.


  1. Start a blog

I started blogging when I was in my year two and since then I hardly ask my parents for money. You don’t even need a pc to start a blog; your android phone can do the blog. Write about what you have passion for. Maybe love fashion, you can write about fashion and get paid monthly for it. Am currently working on a pdf on how to start a blog and make money from it. Subscribe to this blog to get updates when it’s ready.

  • Learn a programming language

A lot of programmers are needed now for online stuffs. Try and learn a programming language and you will get lots of job online. You will probably need a pc to do this. This might be a greater challenge for you. Also learn android app development too, it’s going to help you make some dollars.

  • Get paid for what you love

You can get paid for what you actually love. Can you do graphic designs? You can actually get paid for it. Simply go to to get started. You probably don’t need a startup capital to involve in this. Your talent speaks.

Now you have seen how to make money online and offline as a student, do well to share this post to your fellow students, they will need such ideas.

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