How to find your policy number on insurance card

Most of us find it difficult to get their policy number on insurance card; this post will show you how to get you your insurance card policy number fast. Before I show you this, let’s learn some terms and definitions.


We will use health insurance for example, thousands of people spends billions of dollars on health care. Most of the money spent goes to some health insurance companies. When you get health insurance policy, a unique number will be assigned to you, which is your policy number which you can use to identify your account.


Basically, health insurance can very costly and there are some sicknesses that can lead to financial failure, that’s why health insurance is there to assist. Health insurance provides the following….

(1). Total coverage of doctor’s visit

(2). Emergency care

(3). Diagnostic tests and procedures for a set of month cost.


We used health insurance as a case study, when you purchase an insurance policy from the company, the insurance provider will give you an online account. You will now be given a unique number which acts as an account number or ID.

The purpose of the insurance policy number is basically for identification and billing purposes. When you visit a doctor, the cost is usually billed to your insurance company you register to, using your insurance policy number which can be found in your card. If your family members are also insured in your insurance company, they will have their own unique number also.


Your car insurance policy number maybe your exceptional number your insurance company employs to spot your accounts. It is usually written in your insurance card you get from the own insurer.


A car insurance policy number is, on average, is an 8-10 digit number in your car insurance card. In the event you have numerous cars, you may possibly have your entire cars recorded on a single card, or else you also may possibly have an alternative number or card to get every single motor vehicle. In the latter scenario, it truly is typical for just the previous number to improve one of the autos. By way of instance, one car in your own policy may possibly be 99999999-1, although some others might possibly be 99999999-2.

Your car insurance policy number will commonly stay exactly the exact same for as long as you stick, having a selected insurance plan. Nevertheless, your number could vary in the event that you unintentionally make your policy lapse or whether you alter insurance firms.

Another number to understand on your own insurance card is your own car’s vehicle identification number, or VIN, which visually affects your vehicle. VINs include 16 digits, contain both letters and numbers are located near the description of your car’s make and version on the card. This is distinct from your insurance policy number.

In the event you receive insurance policy by means of a roadside assistance carrier like AAA, your insurance policy number will probably differ from the AAA membership number. You should have a totally distinct card and an account identifier.

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Now, there are three chief times you’ll want your car insurance policy number: soon after having a car incident, if you’re pulled over from the authorities and also when you contact your insurance coverage.

If probably you’re involved in an accident with another motorist, you will exchange insurance information, including the policy number. Each driver will make use of the info when filing a claim. You’ll also supply your insurance card to the police if they come to the crash and also file a police report. It’s usually a fantastic idea to have the police arrived at the scene of any collision, as their authorities record will function as an objective record of what happened and where.

You’ll also need to provide your insurance policy number to law enforcement if you are pulled over. Law enforcement will check to make sure that you’re in accordance with a state’s mandatory insurance coverage legislation.

Finally, your insurance company will request the policy number some additional time you are interacting with them, like in case you call to get changes to your policy or cancel your policy altogether. Nevertheless, your insurance company may generally look at your policy number based on other information like your address or Social Security number.


If you lose your evidence of insurance card, most insurance companies will send you a paper backup and let you print new cards from your internet account. We recommend keeping at least two copies: an electronic backup on your phone and also a paper one in your glove box.

In 48 nations –anywhere except Connecticut, New Mexico and Washington, D.C.–you also need to use electronic proof of insurance on your own smartphone. However, it’s also great to have a paper copy as a backup. Plus, having a newspaper copy means you won’t need to exude a police officer with your smartphone whenever you are pulled over.

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The most common time you’ll need somebody else’s insurance policy number is if you are involved in a collision. If you are in a crash, you should request the other driver to their insurance info, no matter who looks to be at fault or even the harshness of the collision—offering yours since well is a show of good faith and might invite them to provide theirs.

Insurance cards may be small and difficult to see so that the best plan of action is usually to take a photo of their other motorist’s insurance card with your smartphone. This way, you never have to depend on reading your own handwriting scribbled on the medial side of the road, and there’s no chance you’ll forget a part of crucial information. Have a photo of their front and rear of the card, also write their full name and phone number, too.

After the accident, you are going to make use of the other driver’s insurance number when you telephone your own insurance company and one other motorist’s insurance company to start the procedure for filing a claim.
What if I Have All the Additional Driver Information?

Sometimes, especially in a high-stress environment after an incident, you may possibly not have gotten complete info regarding another driver’s insurance policy. If that is the situation, begin by contacting the other motorist, if it is possible. Hopefully, they’ll be able to provide you with the information that you need.

If you can not reach another driver and the police arrived at the scene of the crash, you can visit the police station and request a copy of the police report. You’re eligible for a copy of any police report that includes your name on it, and the record is going to have the other driver’s insurance info.

If neither of those work and you’ve got the motorist’s name and policy number, however, maybe not the company name, you could have the ability to call around to see whether it is possible to locate them. The top 10 biggest auto insurance businesses in the U.S. constitute 72 percent of this market, so the odds are great that you’ll have the ability to discover them by simply working through the listing.

Your insurance agent might also have the ability to identify the number based on professional experience, and therefore don’t be afraid to ask.


  1. Check your health insurance ID card: Your policy number is the same as member id or subscriber id number. So check and find yours.
  2. Contact your insurance company: if you are finding it difficult to get your policy number on insurance card, contact your company, you will be asked some security questions.
  3. Log into your online account: definitely your insurance company should have a website, so go to their website and log in your account. Your policy number should be shown there.


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So we have seen how to know your insurance card policy number and also see the top health insurance companies in USA, if you are having any problems with getting your insurance policy number, do well to comment using the comment box.

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