3 Things You Can Do Better WithPDFBear

3 Things You Can Do Better WithPDFBear

If you are an administrative employee who works with PDFs every single day, you know the importance of having a tool that can easily transform PDF files into what you intend them to be. While it’s true that a separate, standalone, third-party tool is great to have, the power of the Internet has made some online, web-based tools like PDFBear have the upper hand when it comes to convenience on PDF edits:

Split PDF

This seems like an easy job to do, but the algorithm, as well as the systems that go into place before you can split PDF into pages, is nothing short of complicated. When you split a PDF, it doesn’t always follow the two resulting document set-up–most of the time, it’s one big PDF split into two or three sections, depending on the depth of division as well as the inclusions needed.


Accuracy is the name of the game in splitting a PDF file. If you are not accurate, the risk of having incomplete files is high. With PDFBear’s Split PDF tool, you can highlight the exact page where you need to cut the first split; then you can highlight the second, third, and so on parts as well. You only need to upload the document in the cloud, which would take a second, depending on your internet connection.


For browser-based PDF tools, Chrome is the best web browser to use. Although, if you have a Mac, Safari should suffice as well. If you prefer Mozilla, you can also use that. When accessing from a mobile or smartphone, Chrome is still the top choice. Another great thing about online, web-based PDF tools like PDFBear is that you can access the tool anywhere, anytime, so you won’t have to be tied to your workstation.

Repair PDF

If you’ve ever tried to repair a broken or corrupted PDF file before, you know how it can be a complicated process. A broken file results from several things: error in sending, error in the file before sending, and error in the network while sending the file. Corrupted files are more complicated because they usually run the risk of not being retrieved or repaired at all.


It used to be that when you want to repair a PDF that you’d need top of the line PDF tools to do it. Those dedicated repair tools that only expensive software offers. But with the advancement in connectivity and the increasing need for office tools to be accessible anywhere, repairing broken and corrupted PDF files today is as easy as 1,2,3.


Again, you only need to upload the file in question to PDFBear’s Repair PDF tool to start. Once the file is completely uploaded, you decide on how you want the file to be repaired. Press the repair button, and in seconds, you should have a brand new file. Download the resulting file and check for errors.

Compress PDF

For PDF files that are too-heavy for quick sending on messaging platforms, the need to have a PDF compressing tool is paramount. Most messaging platforms nowadays limit file sizes to 25MB to 50MB, so you need to have a number around those to make sure that there won’t be problems in sending a resource-heavy file.


The process of quick compressing starts by uploading your file to the Compress PDF tool of PDFBear. Compression usually takes down repeating elements of a PDF like white space, similar letters, etc. and make them more streamlined while reducing the file’s size. Images, as well as infographics, even vectors are resource-heavy files, so those commonly are the culprit for a heavy file.


These are just some of the stuff that you can do with online, web-based PDF tools. You run other things with it as well, like converting MS Office-based files to PDF and vice-versa. Start using PDFBear today to know the difference!

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