4 Easy-to-follow Steps To Split PDF Pages Using PDFBEAR

There are particular factors that we need to split out PDF documents into individual pages. Whatever your reasons are, PDFBEAR helps you get your desired output in just a few clicks. PDFBEAR is a 100% safe, trusted, and free cloud-based website that offers a split PDF tool for your documents.


Due to its effective and easy-to-follow methods, you cannot doubt why PDFBEAR gratified thousands of users and became known from various places in the world. Users have become too reliant on its service for various paperless document-concerns. If you want to use its split PDF function, follow these steps indicated.

Press The “Select Files” Button

Before you can use the website’s online split PDF tool, you have to upload your files first to the website by pressing the “Select Files” button. Alternatively, you can also open your file manager first, choose the PDFs you wish to be split, and drag them to PDFBEAR, and the procedure will begin in just a moment.


One of the most users’ favorite things about the site’s tool is its ability to support multiple platforms without any difficulties as long as you have a stable internet connection. You can fully perform the action through Linux, Mac, Windows, or even Android.

Choose The Pages From Your PDFs

From your original document, select the pages that you need to split by clicking on the page itself. You can also select all the PDF pages if you want them all to be split. PDFBEAR also allows you to add more files in the middle of the procedure.

Click “Extract”

After selecting the particular pages on your PDFs, and selecting the appropriate option, press the “Extract” button to begin the whole procedure. No worries, as all the steps provided are safe and trusted. Your document’s content will be highly safeguarded at all costs. Check out their Privacy Policy for further information about the provided security.

Press “Download”

When your updated documents are ready, save them on your device or your Google Drive by pressing the “Download” button. This will take a moment, and rest assured that it will not consume more than 3 to 5 minutes. PDFBEAR guarantees users the fastest saving process. This makes them more popular compared to other cloud-based tools you can find on the internet.

3 Other Things You Can Do With PDFBEAR That You Probably Didn’t Know

PDFBEAR prides itself on being one of the most advanced online tools and offering users an excellent service. If you think that you can only split PDF pages using the website, you are definitely wrong. PDFBEAR also provides other excellent services for all users all over the world that you probably didn’t know. Check out these other actions you can freely perform using the site.

Read Your PDFs

If you’re having trouble finding the best PDF reader for your files, visit the website and upload your PDFs. PDFBEAR’s reader tool offers you the best view of your PDFs. You can also edit or share your files using the tool.

Sign Your PDFs

This is one of the most advanced tools of PDFBEAR, allowing you to put an electronic signature for your files as a sign of authority. The site provides 256 SSL encryption. Thus, rest assured that your signature will never be leaked.

Add Number Pages On Your PDFs

Page numbers on PDF make your document more presentable. Add some numbers through PDFBEAR’s safest tool. Within a few simple steps, you will have more professional papers that can be presented for various purposes.


Whatever your purposes are, PDFBEAR can grant your desired output for your PDF files. Split particular pages, compress your files, read your PDFs, or add numbers on each page; you can do anything you want with PDFBEAR’s trusted service.

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