Best 10 Books for Business Students

Best 10 Books for Business Students

Thousands of students go to business schools, colleges, and universities to become successful entrepreneurs. While students learn, they master various aspects of conducting business and writing various papers. Thus, it’s utterly important to read professional books for business students.

CustomWritings offers its help to all business students. This professional essay writing service has checked multiple books on business writing. They all are useful for students, as well as businessmen. Experts have created a list of the best 10 books and we’ll briefly highlight them here below.

Business Writing for Dummies by Natalie Canavor

To begin with, we’d like to recommend “Business Writing for Dummies”. This book is very important for all newcomers who lack experience in the business industry. It teaches the basic things every business is supposed to master. Of course, it focuses on different papers types, including:

  • Draft reports;
  • Proposals;
  • Emails;
  • Blog posts;
  • Analysis, etc.

You’ll learn the most efficient editing techniques. The book teaches to easily adapt to any writing style to digital media. Using smart tips, you’ll establish the necessary foundations for becoming a great business writer.

The Only Business Writing Book You’ll Ever Need by Laura Brown and Rich Karlgaard

Next comes a book composed by two authors. Its title is pretty convincing and claims that you don’t need any other guide or tutorial on business writing. The book is based on a unique method, which is carried out in seven steps. These steps are very easy to follow and they ensure the maximal productivity if applied correctly. The book also offers practical exercises to instantly maintain the theory.

HBR Guide to Better Business Writing by Bryan A. Garner

Reading a guide written by B. A. Garner, you can also enhance your writing skills in business. It belongs to a famous series of books dedicated to various aspects of business writing. This is another example of how to become a great business writer. Reading it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Successfully overcome writer’s block;
  • Win the readers’ attention and keep their curiosity;
  • Earn the trust and high reputation with any audience;
  • Get rid of unnecessary stuff in your writing;
  • Set the winning tone and define your style;
  • Brush up your grammar and punctuation.

Business and Administrative Communication 11th Edition by Kitty Locker and Donna Kienzler

This book is briefly called “BAC”. It’s written by two clever authors who know everything about the art of communication in business and administrative spheres. It provides the key elements, which help to reach perfect communication and become a great leader. One of the most notable benefits of this piece is its relevance. It’s up-to-date and so, you won’t be fed some inefficient old methods. The book focuses on the audience, as well as the purpose and context of communications.

Business Writing by Wilma Davidson

It is another clear and useful business guide for future entrepreneurs. “Business Writing” is a perfect piece with a lot of smart tips and tricks for business writers. This book teaches you to write perfect emails and helps to communicate your style to social media technology. Social media is utterly important for the business industry because it helps to find the targeted audience to promote a firm. You’ll find multiple helpful charts, examples, anecdotes, and even cartoons. They clearly illustrate the correct way of composing business reports, letters, research proposals, etc.

Writing That Works; How to Communicate Effectively in Business by Kenneth Roman

It’s a classic guide, which helps to make your thoughts clear and effective. This guide focuses on the most important points of business writing. The guide represents tips in a bulleted style. Thus, you’ll quickly comprehend and memorize the necessary data. You’ll find a lot of examples about how to write all types of business papers, including:

  • Emails;
  • Memos and letters;
  • Proposals and presentations;
  • Plans and reports;
  • Recommendations, etc.

Business Email: Write to Win by Marc Roche

Emailing is very important in business and so, you should definitely read this amazing book. “Business Email” is a specific piece, which concentrates on a concrete aspect of business documentation – email writing. There are various types of emails and you’ll find detailed explanations for each of them. The book contains over 100 templates and so, you’ll enjoy incredible visual support.

Business Writing Today: A Practical Guide by Natalie Canavor

You should make use of practical guides too! “Business Writing Today” is an excellent opportunity to work out your skills in practice. You’ll learn the most effective tools to write clear high-quality business texts, including proposals, letters, etc.

How to Say It by Rosalie Maggio

Sometimes the right words get stuck somewhere in our throat or we simply don’t know which ones to use for a concrete situation. This is when you’ll need a book called “How to Say It”. The book teaches what words and phrases to use when you write different types of letters and requests. Besides, you’ll find samples on emails, blogs, etc.

10 Steps to Successful Business Writing by Jack E. Appleman

Finally, you should make use of another excellent and captivating guide called “10 Steps to Successful Business Writing”. You’ll understand how to get readers’ attention and capture it. The book focuses on editing, grammar, tone, word use, etc.

In case you really want to become a great businessman and business writer, read these books. Each has its own benefits, which will surely turn you into a professional. You’ll write outstanding business papers.

Author’s Bio:

Lauren Bradshaw started writing in 2003. Since then she has tried her hand in SEO and website copywriting, writing for blogs, and working as an academic writer at CustomWritings professional essay writing service. Her major interests lie in content marketing, developing communication skills, and blogging. She’s also passionate about philosophy, business strategies, psychology, literature, and painting.

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