How Geolocation Can Help Provide a Great User Experience

Many websites track and record the location of their visitors. It helps them provide a great user experience and grow their business. All you need is an IP geolocation API that will be integrated with your website. It uses IP addresses to fetch their country, city, and even latitude and longitude. Here is how you can use this data to provide a great user experience.

Content in Native Language

English is an international language, but of the 7.5 billion population of the world, only 2 billion people speak it. You can’t limit your audience based on the language they speak. Many people from different regions would prefer content in their native language even if they perfectly understand English. This is the reason why many websites have two languages. English is a must, and they also show content in a different language based on the location of the visitor.

Share the Right Content

People from different areas might have needs. You will need to show content that relates to them and hits their pain points. Moreover, you might also need to show a different version of your websites to visitors from different regions. For example, the biggest domain registrar, Go Daddy, shows a subset of its website with the local TLD before the domain name, like for Indian visitors. It also shows different prices in their local currency to make calculations easier.

Suggest Relevant Products

Location of a person also helps online stores suggest the right products. They would show products that are popular in that region. Showing related products improves the user experience and makes visitors stay longer on the website. This data also helps you filter and show products that can be delivered in that region. No one would appreciate choosing a product after thorough research and then finding that you can’t deliver in their area.

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