Best money making apps: Apps that pay you

In as much we use our android phones on daily basis, we should also know that we can actually make money from our phones, there are apps that you can use to make huge amount of money. In this post, I will show you best money making apps that pay you.

Most of these apps work on android and ios devices, and you don’t need funds to start using this app, just your data and time. These apps are actually paid survey apps, i.e. answer and get paid apps. Also, there are PayPal money apps that permit you to earn also.

I had to make my own research and test a lot of apps just to make sure we give you the best app that pays you. I came up with five apps that are very good to make money with. Most of these apps have age restrictions and require some qualifications.

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  1. An android or ios device
  2. Data or WiFi connection
  3. You time is also needed
  4. Engagement also is needed
  5. Able to refer other users

The number 5 requirements means that for you to earn using the best money making apps, you need to refer your friends to join download the apps, not all apps require this.


  1. Uber app

This is one the mega apps used by millions. The uber app allows users to use their cars to pick up uber app users and take them to their respective locations. There is a limitations on this app which is you must be 21years and above to us this app.

Drivers use this app. when it’s convenient for them, and they can make up to $20 per hour, potentially they can make more than that if and only if they work during peak hours or on holidays. This is yet another money giving apps.

Download here

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  • Draagu app

This is my best money making app. This app allows you to take photos of a particular place or occasion and upload it. Let me explain how this money giving apps work. Registered companies are looking for unique pictures of a location.

When users snap and upload on the app, they select the best and pay him or her. Let me give you a secrete to be selected, upload pictures that are crystal clear and don’t download from web because it can never be accepted.

You can make up to $8 per picture when accepted. Regrettably, this app doesn’t have a referral program, just take pictures and earn. This is another money giving apps

Download here

  • Slidejoy app

I have personally tested this app and confirmed that it’s actually pays. See how it works…this app puts ads on your lock screen, before you unlock your phone, you will see ads. You don’t need to click on the ads to get paid, in as much the ads shows on your phone, you get paid.

Anytime a user tries to check his or her, a card will pop up showing latest news and gist based on your location. You can actually make up to $20 per month, though it’s small. Payment is via PayPal and bank transfer.

This app should be just be an added advantage to the work you already do. Another app that pays you money.

Download here

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  • Geopoll app

It’s been four years that I have been using this app, and I must confess that this app is a life saver; I have made some cash from it. One disadvantage is the fact that it works only in some African countries. This is how the app works….

When you download and register the app, you will be receiving surveys periodically. So all you need to do is to correctly answer those surveys and you will surely get paid. One good thing about this app is that it has a referral program and you get paid for referring your friends.

Although they pay very low for each survey, but if you can answer as much as you can, you will accumulate a lot of cash. Another paid survey apps for you.

Download here

  • Google opinion rewards

Do you know that Google value you opinions? Users earn up to $1 for every survey you complete. All you need to do is to make sure that your GPS is on and Google will definitely alert you when there are surveys available for you.

Even though they pay little, you can accumulate as much as you can. This is another making money app.

Download here.

These are the five money making apps tested by me that you can make a lot of cash. Definitely, this post is useful, do well to share this post.

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