Sydney, the capital of New South Wales (NSW), is Australia’s largest city with a total area of over 12,000 square kilometres. Sydney is home to numerous multinational companies and foreign banks, which makes this metropolis the number one financial hub in the country and one of the leaders in the Asia Pacific Region.

 If you recently moved here, you would realize that one of your highest expenditures would be paying for hot water Sydney has to offer. According to a report by the NSW government, heating water accounts for nearly 30 per cent of domestic energy consumption.

Perhaps your hot water system is malfunctioning, and you are looking for a more cost-efficient solution. If so, the information below can help guide you in the process:

What are the Different Types of Hot Water Systems?

Hot water systems can be classified into two general categories. One is a storage system that works by heating water then storing it for future use. Another is an instantaneous solution wherein no storage is needed, given that water is heated as soon as it is required. Hot water systems are further divided into the following types according to the source of energy:

  • An electric hot water system
  • A gas hot water system
  • Heat pump water system
  • A solar hot water system

How Can You Choose the Ideal System for Your Needs?

The process of selecting the right hot water system for your home should be done with proper attention. Remember that when you choose wisely, you can experience significant savings and help the environment at the same time. To guide you toward a well-informed decision, consider the following factors:

  • Hot water usage

To determine which type of hot water system would suit your needs, you should first assess your water usage and patterns. Do you have a large family who uses hot water for bathing? Do you use hot water for washing the dishes or doing laundry?

If you have high hot water consumption, a gas hot water system may be best as it is more energy-efficient. If you live alone, however, and have minimal hot water requirements, an electric solution would be more economical.

  • Space in your home

You also need to examine the space in your home to check what types of hot water system it can accommodate. For instance, if you have a roof that suited for a solar solution, you may want to consider shifting since it is the cheapest system in the long term.

  • Energy tariff options

Another essential factor to think about is your existing tariff and the other providers available. Keep in mind that choosing the right energy provider in relation to the hot water system of your choice can lead to significant savings.

Is There Financial Assistance Available to Help Pay for Energy Bills?

If you are looking for possible financial aid, you can check if you are eligible for the NSW rebate and discounts program, which aims to assist families in paying their gas and electricity bills, among others. You may also check if you can receive some form of financial assistance under the No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS) or you can ask your local council if there is any help available for your situation.

As you think about the adjustments you need to face moving to a new city, you probably did not realize that you will be concerned about hot water in Sydney. Nonetheless, paying for heating costs is a reality you need to face.

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