Take the entertainment on go with these 5 Cable and internet providers!

In this era of mobility, cable service providers are also trying to keep up with the pace. A few cable and internet service providers are trying to offer the facility of taking your cable service with you on your journey. Find yourself a companion TV service provider before the travel bug bites. Well, don’t worry we have got you covered on this one and are listing down a few cable services which you can take with yourself on move.

1.      Comcast Xfinity:

Comcast Xfinity is a big name when it comes to the internet, cable TV and phone service providers. You all will be glad to know that you can take Xfinity entertainment along you anywhere through the Xfinity Stream app. It allows you to enjoy thousands of programs. Through Xfinity on-demand, you can request shows you want to watch. It also offers 200 channels of Live TV. The number of channels varies according to your subscribed plan. In order to avail it, just download the Xfinity app from your Google Play or Apple app store, log into your account and voila! You don’t have to get bored anymore while traveling solo.

If you choose to avail Xfinity X1, you can download or stream your recorded shows anywhere. The Xfinity Stream app is very user-friendly and provides several amazing features like genre filtration option, video playback facility, integrated parental controls and closed captioning. X1 even allows synchronizing your favorite shows etc. with Xfinity Stream App.

Comcast TV packages are one of its kind. Their reliable and cost-effective services have made them one of the biggest internet and Cable TV service provider.

2.      Mediacom Communications:

Many may not know about Mediacom boundary-free TV Everywhere service. Well, Mediacom is also offering TV on go service to keep you all stay entertained at all times. Enjoy TV on your cell-phone, laptop, and other devices anytime anywhere. All you need to do is choose your network and download this app on your devices. Log in with your Mediacom ID and enjoy the perks your subscription delivers.

Mediacom doesn’t have its own all-in-one app right now. That is why you have to manage with your network’s app to access Mediacom’s boundary-free TV. All of those network apps are easily available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

3.      Spectrum TV:

Spectrum also offers the facility of the Spectrum TV app so that you never miss out on your favorite shows when you’re up and about. Spectrum TV app lets you enjoy up to 250 Live channels (Number of channels depends on your subscription plan). It also allows you to request on-demand content when connected to home wifi. Spectrum TV also lets you manage a small library of Live and on-demand content while traveling.

All the subscribers of Spectrum TV can access over 80 channel apps which include sports, news and other entertainment channels wherever they have access to the internet. In order to do so, you need to download the network app for that particular channel and have to log in with your Charter.net ID. Doing so will let you access content from your PC, mobile and other devices connected to the account. However, in a few areas, you can even manage your TV and DVR with this app.

4.      Optimum TV:

Optimum’s TV to Go service will let you enjoy the experience of television on phones. Just simply download Optimum TV’s app on your phone and log in to your account. And you’re all set to go. The app provides popular networks like HBO GO, AMC, Cartoon Network, Showtime, etc.

Optimum TV to Go service would require a subscription along with the subscription of the corresponding network you want to watch. The flaw of this service is that it only works within the United States.

5.      Cox TV:

Cox is another major player in the cable TV industry. It also offers TV anywhere service. But you need to download third network apps to access the tv channels, movies or shows. You’ll log into those networks using Cox login ID and have access to all the shows you want to watch.

Cox is also offering its own Contour app which lets you watch on-demand content. But the problem with it is that it can only be accessed from home. Some of the cox networks also give access to the HBO, ESPN, etc. depending on the subscription plan.

Want to know which is best among the providers mentioned above?

Having access to a TV in your journey can turn out to be a great blessing. If you want to get yourself a reliable service then we would suggest you go for Xfinity and Spectrum TV. They provide the easiest availability in one place. Whereas no other provider offers all in one app but only provides you with an opportunity to access your favorite channels, recorded shows, and movies, etc. on your phone when you’re on go. Other providers are best if you want constant access to particular channels while roaming. Now a days many people hire to digital marketing company to represent which is the best so we cant say which one is good.

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