Calvary greetings in Jesus name. It’s no longer news that the world is experiencing an epidemic which has cost lots of lives, businesses has been shut down, schools has be closed nation wide.

The COVID-19 disease has spread round the world and we are yet to get a lasting solution to this disease. In as much we are isolated in our respective homes, it’s of great importance we get close to God, cos this coronovirus is one of the signs of end time.

In this post, I have listed prayers we should pray during this season. We need God’s protection in this fierce period. Do well to pray these prayers effectively.


1. God I come to Heaven’s Medical Rooms in the Wonderful & Healing name of Jesus Christ your Son. I acknowledge my Faith in you God, my Creator, that knows my body, mind and soul better than any man. I believe in the Healing powers of Jesus, “The Great Healer” and the comforting powers of your
Holy Spirit, protect me from this plague called coronovirus, Amen.

2. Lord in this period, I ask that you forgive me my sins, Lord.

3. God in your Word “The Bible” according to Proverbs 4 verse 20-22, Your Word brings live and radiant health to my body, mind and soul so am not afraid of any disease or virus.

4. Lord I pray that in this hard times, you provide for me financially, that I may not lack anything, amen.

5. I pray for those who have contacted the corona virus that your healing power will locate them immediately amen.

6. Lord help me and my family be right before you even as we know the end is near, help us live a life if holiness. Amen.

Let’s endeavor to pray these prayers daily, these epidemic is really taking lives and I know as servants of God, we are guided.

Aldo share to save lives.

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