Cramped And Messy Bathrooms? Here Are 7 Bathroom Design Tips For You!

We think you will agree when we say that bathrooms are the ultimate make-or-break among all room interiors. First, if you get it all right—the design of its interior, the cabinets, the lighting, and all that—you will now have yourself a divine bathroom. On the opposite, if you get it all messed up, you will also get a messy bathroom. We are not talking about how well you keep the place, yet. Before you get too overwhelmed with the things that you should be arranging for your bathroom renovation, allow us to clear up some thoughts in your head. Here are some designing tips for your bathroom:


Think about proper storage

Sometimes, the right tiles, toilet, bath and shower, and wallpaper are enough to make your bathroom look dashing. However, some homeowners forget to consider the things that should be properly stored like extra soaps, towels, laundry, and others. This is when the bathroom starts to become messy. When renovating your bathroom, be sure to allow extra space for storage and cabinets. These days, bathroom storage over toilet areas is becoming in trend. In our opinion, it is even more of a necessity, more than for decor purposes. It is, indeed, a game-changer.

  • Remove unnecessary items

To make your bathroom look more spacious, remove items that are not needed, especially those items that jut out of your walls. These items will make your bathroom look smaller and more cramped. It even adds a heavy feeling or a feeling of complexity. Keep this in mind, especially if your bathroom is narrow. Forget about towel bars and choose built-in magazine racks or paper holders. Declutter your bathroom regularly to provide more space and make it look less claustrophobic.

  • Plan your lighting

Many homeowners do not plan the lighting in their bathrooms very well. Lighting can be a friend or a foe when designing your bathroom. It can make your bathroom look small, or on the opposite, it can provide a great illusion for a more relaxing-looking bathroom. The key to your bathroom lighting is the mirror. Your mirrors can add illumination from your lighting to your entire bathroom. You should install lighting on either side of your wall mirror and one on top of it. Installing lighting at either side of your mirror at eye level is also recommended. This set-up also illuminates your face from either side of the mirror.

  • Think about sky murals

Do you want to create more openness to your bathroom? Some install skylights to add an illusion of space in the bathroom, but why not install the sky itself? What we mean by this is you can entertain your imagination a bit and add a sky mural on your ceiling. Sky murals are the best with bathrooms with tall ceilings. Paint it with light blue and add touches of white for clouds. The sky mural will draw your attention up.

  • Choose proper flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your bathroom can be challenging. On top of its needs to be water-resistant, it also needs to be slip-resistant. Your bathroom flooring’s aesthetic appeal is also a different matter. If you want to invest in your bathroom flooring, you can choose stone tiles and ceramic tiles, although it can still be slippery. Opt for flooring with a honed finish. This offers better traction. If you have a small bathroom, choose bigger tiles. Large tiles make small bathrooms look big and spacious as well. The illusion of bigger space comes from the appearance of fewer grout lines.

  • Choose glass doors

Instead of installing shower curtains, choose glass doors instead to make your bathroom look more spacious. It opens up your bathroom. Glass doors also make your bathroom look more stylish and elegant. For homeowners who have shower stalls, they can also consider taking down the stall itself and replace it with glass doors. Choose glass doors as well for your tub area. If you cannot install glass doors, a clear shower curtain is better.

  • Apply only two colors

It is easy to be overwhelmed and put as many colors as you can in your bathroom. Sometimes, inspiration comes flooding in that you mix it all. However, this will make your bathroom look cluttered and busier. The key to a good bathroom is to keep it simple and have a max of two colors.


Look out for great bathroom accessory finds

These are just some of the things you need to know about designing your bathroom. You can look for more inspiration online or seek a professional interior designer. You can also grab the best bathroom accessory and cabinet finds from reliable online shops like With the right bathroom accessories, your bathroom can look good as new!



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