The 2021 Smartphones to Be Excited About

Smartphones are getting smarter by the day to keep their competitive edge. There are so many rumors going around that smartphones will get replaced sometime in the future with other technologies that are currently being developed. This may raise concern in some people as it is human nature to feel scared or insecure in the face of change. On the other hand, some get excited at the prospect of technology change and what smartphones in the future would look like.

Though smartphones may likely get replaced with future technology such as smart-glasses or something else, it is not going to happen any time soon. Meanwhile, people are excited to see what the coming year will mean for smartphones in 2021.

With more and more 5G phones in our reach, it is time that the internet service providers update their services to 5G technology. In the meantime, people have to think of upgrading their internet plans just as I upgraded my Spectrum internet plan after purchasing a 5G phone.

#1. Nokia’s 7.3 (5G) Smartphone

Nokia is rumored to launch yet another 5G phone at an affordable rate. It is said to operate on the latest hardware, which would be either the MediaTek Dimensity or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 690-5G. Nokia confirmed the rumors that it would launch more 5G devices that would be priced at an affordable range soon.

#2. Samsung Galaxy S21 & S21-Ultra

Samsung’s high-end phones have been on the expensive side for quite some time now. However, its upcoming phones may be slightly cheaper. Geared with a 6.2-inches flat, smooth display and an integrated camera at its top corner on the back. Samsung is also rumored to launch its S21-ultra model with a larger display, a better battery life, and next-generation 5-nanometer processors by Exynos in early 2021.

#3. LG’s Upcoming Smartphones

LG is rumored to launch a flagship smartphone series in the first quarter of 2021. Although very little details about these phones have been leaked, it is thought to be built in the image of the V series. It is also said that LG may be launching its updated Velvet-2 in early 2021 with the hardware of the Snapdragon 700 series.

#4. OnePlus 9-Series Phones

OnePlus typically launches its devices in the first quarter of 2021 and is rumored to launch the OnePlus 9-series in the coming year. People are excited to see OnePlus 9, 9-Pro, and maybe an affordable version too, the OnePlus 9E.

#5. Samsung’s Z-Flip & Fold Series

With the trend of foldable phones getting popular by the day, Samsung continues to focus its talents on making phones that can be folded. With that in mind, people are expecting a new Flip phone by Samsung in 2021. It is rumored that a flip phone and a more affordable foldable phone may be launched in the first half of the coming year. Could this be the Galaxy Z Fold E phone?

#6. Apple’s Expected Phones

Apple is one of the most popular phone manufacturers. Enchanting people with its high-end technology and sleek designs, Apple is expected to launch its iPhone 13 series in 2021. Since its phones are often high priced for most, it is also rumored that Apple may launch the iPhone SE plus model for the budget-oriented market.

Anything Else?

Since smartphone manufacturers and internet services go hand in glove, 5G technology is expected to replace the old cable and DSL internet in the coming years. People interested in shifting to 5G internet have to find out if they have an ISP that offers 5G tech in their area. That’s why I called on Spectrum’s phone number and asked if they offered 5G internet packages. Since the 5G network isn’t extensive yet, it is expensive as well. However, it will catch on in a mere few years and will be accessible as well as affordable.

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