Emojis: The Voice Of A Generation

Smileys made of a colon, dash, and right parentheses are all that emojis used to be. Now, expressing your emotions through chat is way easier with modern emojis. Because in this day and age, the last thing you would want to happen is to be misunderstood by the people you are talking to. This is where this article comes in. Here, we give you a complete guide on how to communicate through emojis. 

Emojis have become the standard in modern-day texting. Some people can even hold a conversation with these things. People do not need to send paragraphs about their emotions. They send an emoji expressing their feelings or admiration by adding sparkle emoji, and that’s about as detailed as it can be. 

Emojis Have Won The Fight For Words

As of 2017, there are 1900 emojis to choose from. All of them represent a unique image. These vary from emotions to functions, jobs, and so on. Emojis have taken the ability to take long stories and simplify them into a string of symbols. 

Despite the number, there is still a chance of not being able to comprehend whoever is on the other end. Emojitracker from Twitter has calculated the average of 300 emoji tweets per second. Smiley face and hearts make up most of these tweets, and other complicated ones are present, too. 

I have even seen a sequence that explained how a person’s weekend went. He expressed himself only through emojis. It’s amazing to behold. And yet, It did not surprise me because there are a thousand emojis and symbols online that can quickly explain unique events. 

Can you believe, there is even an emoji about a volcano eruption? So the next time an explosion happens near you, it will take you 2 seconds to send an eruption emoji tweet. Emojis have somewhat become a language you must be fluent with. Communication has never been this easy.

Emojis = Better Communication (?)

One may argue two points about the effect of emojis on a modern conversation. People have found that a loss in the elements of human interaction is because of emojis. Emojis cannot replace a conversation with the tone of the voice or volume. They are only tools to make a statement much clearer for the reader. For instance, something might be so funny for you it leaves you in stitches. To convey that in a chat, you can use a laughing crying emoji. 

But an emoji alone can’t replace a sentence or a statement. Although new emojis are being introduced at a high rate, a single water droplet is not specific. It can never stand alone as a sentence. It can only serve as a tool to understand the context of a statement better.

The use of emojis can help make communication better. It can never replace the authenticity of a human conversation, but it can help in other ways. There have been drawbacks to whether emojis make communication better. The only thing you can do is to use them in perfect context with whatever message you are trying to say.

The Cons Of Emoji Use

A study by Google states that emojis play a part in the ineffective use of the English language. They argue that young people rely on them to talk and communicate. People say that emojis are only a sign that we are evolving in our command of the language. Time can play a part. Technological advancements can also play a role.

A big con of emoji use depends on where you use them. For instance, using too many emojis on a work email is a huge no-no. A work environment requires professional-sounding messages, which means you should avoid using emojis when sending work emails. Private chats with co-workers are fine, but if it’s an official company channel, forget using smileys. 

The main reason is simple: emojis can make any conversation sound informal. And if anything gets too informal, it won’t sit well with certain types of people. Say, potential clients. These people are all business and won’t take kindly to informal messages. Conversations that get too informal can even mean lost business if it goes far enough. 


In 2012, Apple’s emojis aroused interest because they looked creative. It gave people the chance to be creative with my tweets. It allowed them to convey an emotion quite well. Emojis represented emotions in such a way that people were able to captivate their audience in a new way with the use of technology.

I would say that the misuse of emojis may lead to a decline of a language. I also believe that with the correct use of these tools, it can make expressing an emotion easier online. Emojis can be a tool that can help us. It can also be the language of a generation.

Whichever way we decide to use it, we should never forget that these are the products of creativity and technology. Treat these emojis as tools to help you express your ideas and be understood!

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