[December 2023] Happy birthday to pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Drop your wishes

Happy birthday to pastor Chris Oyakhilome. On this day 7th of December 2019, we pray for more blessings.

Calvary greetings in Jesus name. Today is a very special day in the life of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It’s his birthday; we want to use this medium to wish him happy birthday pastor and many more years to come.

We thank God for giving you knowledge and wisdom of understanding. Your sermons are so touching and have inspired many of us in the church to always strive hard to do the will of God now matter how little. Sir, as you mark your 60th birthday, we wish you good health, happiness, and lots of beautiful things in this world and hereafter.

So on the 7th of December 1963, an icon was born and his name is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome founder of rhapsody of realities, may God continue to lift him up. Amen

It’s your turn, drop your own birthday wishes to him on the comment box below and share.

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  1. Happy birthday to the man of God . God continue to bless you and wish you abundance of blessings in all you do .

    1. happy birthday to my wonderful daddy and mentor I love you with a great passion,for impacting my life with your marvelous anointing

  2. Happy to you our Beloved Daddy.
    I am glad to celebrate you on this amazing day in which you were born as a treasured gift into our world; your impact knows no bound. I pray that God grants you all your desires in this your lifetime in Jesus Name, Amen.
    Cheers Daddy.

  3. Happy birthday Senior Pastor I have learnt a lot from your words you made me who I am today. While I was on tertiary I listened again and again to your messages they were hitting me so hard all the time. What I liked most was I am bold , greater is He that is inside me than he that is in the world. May God keep you for our generation to come.

    Thank you sir,

  4. Happy Birthday Man of God,Him on which Christ dwels,fountain of Holiness, the unshakable rock of Holiness, I wish you many more years of grace of the father to come ,may you keep on winning souls for Christ,may the Almighty God continue to bless and shield you from the wicket as you work in his vineyards . HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  5. Happy birthday dear Esteemed pastor sir. Thank you for giving my life a meaning with your messages sir.. I love you pastor

  6. Happy Birthday to my Man of God. You have been an immense blessing to me and millions more around the world. You are an icon and I celebrate you today.

    Thank you for saying yes to God, yielding yourself completely for God’s use. The message you carry impacts all who come in contact with you.

    You are such a gift to the world. Thank God you came!
    Happy Birthday Sir

    We love you dearly

  7. Happy birthday Pastor Chris. Thank you for being a blessing for this generation. May God continue to use you more and more and bless you for many more years to come till his return in Jesus’s name.
    Andrea Okambawa

  8. I thank God for giving you knowledge and wisdom of understanding.
    May God’s word continue to move you from strength to strength.
    Happy birthday, senior pastor .

  9. Happy birthday to my mentor and ageless Father. The wisest man in the universe if every word of yours could be sold gold and diamond would loose their worth. Your teachings has greatly transformed me you teach the word with so much simplicity, passion and love. Thank you for Accepting the call to be my prophet,model and mentor else my life would have been inside out and very blur. If you were not my pastor what would I have done? Happy birthday sir and I love you so much pastor.

  10. Happy happy long life Pastor Chris. Thank you for all the simplicity in your messages and love you have for the father. We celebrate your life and continue to follow your greatness you for the whole world with the greatest gift of the word of God and giving our life a meaning! We love you Dad!

  11. Happy birth day paster Chris by your teaching I am blessed and I wish God to give you more grace ;blessing all demsion in life and your minstry

  12. Happy birthday to the most beloved man of God. We bless God for you being his gift to our generation. Thank you for obeying the plan of God to serve this generation. Great blessings for you sir, the father of many. I love and honour you sir.

  13. Happy birthday MOG.May God continue to multiply his grace upon your life and may you continue to go from glory to glory.

  14. Wow! wow! wow!. what a blessed day that a king was born, pastor Chris , happy birthday sir, love u so much cuz ur teaching’s of God’s what has really changed this our generation glorrryyy.

  15. Pastor, as you celebrate your natal day today may the good Lord direct path from your youth as an access to our generation continues to guide your tireless efforts in making sure the the Bible is reaches to the uttermost part of Planet Earth! May this birthday bring of your dreams for mankind to its realizations! Again happy birthday our life Coach!

  16. Happy birthday Pastor Chris. You are the epitome of God’s love in manifestation. We celebrate you Sir.

  17. Happy birthday pastor sir.. I am privileged to meet your reign. Thank you pastor Sir for the words you keep bringing to us. You are indeed an Icon, a teacher, a father, a pastor and a leader. May Bless your new age sir. I usher u into your new age with Grace and mercy. I love you pastor sir.

  18. At times, I do wonder at the kind of heart you have. It is even more awe-striking that you’ve never had any reason to not wear a cheerful smile. The way you handle difficulties makes me respect you a lot, Sir.
    Today, just the way you always do, you are like a tree planted by the rivers of waters.
    Just the way you have been prospering in all phase of life, whatever you do, touch, see, think, will all prosper.
    You are a born leader, sir.
    With many many Happy Returns. With JOY untold

  19. Happy birthday Sir thank you for the word u have shared all these years.. May God increase and promote u more and more.

  20. Happy Birthday Pastor Chris. You have truly lived up to this title and may God continually bless you on your special day and beyond.

    I pray for more strength and wisdom for more accomplishments. Greater blessings will embarass you this season. God bless your good work and enormous impact. May you live long and prosper at greater heights.

    Love you Pastor…. God bless you

  21. Happy birthday, Sir. God continue to bless you for the many lives you have touched. You have been a great blessing to my life and I am grateful. I thank the Holy Spirit for His ministrations through you. My life is better and I have also gained a lot of knowledge on how to fight the battles of life. Happy birthday once again, Sir.

  22. Happy Birthday Sir, it’s a blessing that you were born, for your live has been imparted to so many and continues to impart. We say God bless you Pastor and be multiplied unto you for even greater impart.
    We pray you have long life to allow generations benefit of you.
    God bless you Pastor Chris.

  23. Happy birthday God general, you this special day I join the host of heaven to rejoice and celebrate your victory and impart of word God all around the world. Thank you for saying to this call upon your life. Happy birthday sir I love you CE NUNGUA GHANA

  24. Happy birthday my mentor, Daddy ! . I’m a pastor for my ministry in around South Africa and the Lord spoke to me about you some years back that you’re my mentor and spiritual leader and I have to get spiritual guidance and blessings from you.
    I never looked back because there was and still is ” peace ” in my heart.
    Happy birthday daddy.
    Pastor Ben Matemane

    1. Happy birthday Pastor Sir, Thank you for saying yes to God. You have indeed been a great blessing to my world with your teachings and lifestyle. Happy birthday Sir. Chimuanya Sydney Maraizu John CE Airport Rd, Port Harcourt.

    2. Happy birthday to you our Father and mentor Pastor Chris! You are a blessing to this generation.

  25. Amazing!!!!!
    Awesome God you are.
    We rejoice and Celebrate a Man of our time. Giving glory unto God for granting Our Daddy, Pastor, Teacher, Mentor, Life-Coach and Guider Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding to inspire us to knowing and loving the Lord.
    Thank you Pastor Chris O.
    Happy Birthday.
    I love you Sir.
    CE, Port Harcourt Ministry Centre

  26. Pastor Sir
    You are such a blessing to the world at large and to me personally hence I want to wish you a happy happy birthday, may you continue to follow Jesus as we follow you. Enjoy your day sir. I love you dearly.

  27. My father,coach,teacher,mentor,icon,father,on special day I express my exceptional,whole heart gratitude to pastor,I love you with a great passion,happy birthday sir,and father

  28. Happy and glorious birthday pastor sir – my life changed the day i met your through messages and my life has ever since taken on a totally transcendent life, ever progressing in God’s direction for my life. Thank you pastor Chris

  29. Happy birthday man of God Pastor Chris! Sir may God continues to bless and increase you in His abundance of goodness and glory for His praise in Jesus’ mighty name!!

  30. Happy Supernatural Birthday dear Man of God, my Dad, my Teacher, my life exchanger. I am one of those who changed in life forever by your teaching.

  31. Happy birthday to my super mentor
    I’m grateful for your investments. …you have always been my inspiration since 2015
    Your teachings have been a great investment in my ife
    A day isnt complete without studying rhapsody .Thank God I’m now in church. ..God bless you so much and continue to increase your. …I LOVE YOU SO MUCH PASTOR SIR
    My teacher, my mentor ,my life coach…..

  32. Happy birth day, My Pastor Sir
    May the Almighty Lord JESUS CHRIST grant you long, healthy & prosperous life….in JESUS NAME I prayed

  33. Happy Birth Day Dear Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakilome. I had an impact in my spiritual life through your teachings that helps me understand my position in Christ Jesus and I am proud of you dad. I got a lot from Rhapsody of Realities and grew spiritually. Happy Birth Day.

  34. Happy Glorious and Super fabulous Birthday Sir. Thank you for giving my life a meaning and the investment you have made in my life and the world at large. Pray for God’s continual grace to do much more in your life. Love you so so much My Ma of God, sir. Hallelujah!!

  35. Wishing you a happy Birthday. may God continue to increase and prosper you in Jesus Name.

  36. Happy Birthday Pastor Chris. Thank you for changing my life forever through the word Man of God. May God continue to bless you with many more years. Thank you for loving us and for answering the call of God.

  37. Happy Birth Day, Pastor Chris! May God continue to use you in His plans of reaching each and everyone of us! Thank you for reaching me through the Rhapsody of Realities! I very much hope to hear more of you on the years ahead of us! Be blessed and remain so!!

  38. My esteem Pastor, life coach, my father, my motivator, my guardian, my mentor and leader👑, HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉 🎁 🎈 Sir! Your presence in my life is not a mistake but a destiny fulfillment. I wish you more of God’s Grace in your life coupled with longevity, wisdom, divine health, prosperity, success, knowledge and vision fulfillment.
    Pastor, since I got connected to you, you have set me on the path of greatness to know who am I in Christ Jesus. Your messages are the food of my spirit that make me prevail always.
    You are a seed of blessing to the world. Enjoy your natal day. No weapon against you will prevail and every tongue in judgement shall be condemned.

    God bless you!…

  39. HAPPY BIRTHDAY My Pastor Sir
    May all your heart desire be granted to you in JESUS MIGHTY NAME, I pray

  40. Happy Birthday Pastor, my Father my Man of God.
    You have enrichedmy life with the Word of God. I know who I am in Christ. You give meaning to my life.
    I love you Daddy…my Father.

  41. Happy blessed birthday to you papa

    Am very excited with how God uses you and may the Lord use you more for His glory and to more years of serving the Lord and Phil 4:19 take it.

  42. One of the greatest gift I’ve ever received in life is the opportunity of knowing you. Your teachings have built me in such a way that everything I see in life is possibility. You taught me the importance of fellowship with the Holy Spirit of which I’m enjoying today. My daily vocabulary have significantly changed because of your teachings. I can’t wait to see you one day. I love you so much Daddy. Happy Birthday To You, Pastor Sir.


  43. Happy blessed birthday our very own pastor

    Am very excited with how God uses you and may the Lord use you more for His glory and to more years of serving the Lord and Phil 4:19 take it.

  44. I love you Pastor Chris. You gave mine Christian life a meaning. May you continually be a blessing to the nations of the world.

  45. Happy birthday Pastor. I wish you all the best, and rhapsody of realities is the best that ever have been given to the world. Bless you Sir.

  46. Happy birthday to you our Father and mentor Pastor Chris! You are a blessing to this generation.

  47. Happy birthday sir,true your ministry many life’s has been transformed thank you for all that you have done , Happy birthday sir

  48. You’ve been a blessing to me through your teachings, May God bless your new age and grant you more wisdom… Happy happy birthday to you daddy. I celebrate an icon today

  49. Pastor Sir, I Love you so much and Happy Birthday to You.
    I usually say to my friends, Pastor Chris is God’s will for the now, First you were just a Pastor to me, then you became my Pastor, later i realise you were like a father to me, because everything you will say i will yield to it, i remember the Communion Service the Month of Instructions and you said and i code “Instructions are you life” and since then whatsoever thing you said Pastor Sir i do, then you became my prophet and my mentor.
    Pastor Sir, you’ ve blessed us with an amazing Pastor, Pastor Sally, and as she re-echo you to us daily, we are blessed and because we listen, follow and put our faith to work, our life and those of our families members could not just stay the same, we are transformed from glory to Glory.
    i wish you the best of birthdays Pastor Sir, as you mount higher and higher on eagle wings. You are the best of Pastors, of Fathers of mentors and of prophets ever. i love sir. Happy Birthday.

  50. Happy birthday to my dearest man of God Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome! Pastor Sir thank you so much for fathering me teaching me the word of God, your corrections have build me, I’m a better man because of you Sir… many may never understand why we love you so much but one day they will!!! You bring joy, hope, love to the whole world. I love you so much Sir. I am Pastor Chris in my world

  51. Happy Birthday Pastor;
    May God continue to use you as you spread the Word to all nations. Hallelujah!!!
    God Bless You;

    Ssali Stephen
    Kampala, Uganda
    East Africa Zone

  52. Happy Birthday to Pastor like no other, my Man of God, Life Coach, Teacher, Mentor and Instructor. Pastor sir, I probably might not be a life if not for you. Last year’s IPPC you prayed for me and I am whole. Thank you sir for bringing God’s word in such simplicity that answers questions and dissolve doubts. There is no one like you sir. I love you dearly for eternity.

  53. A Happy Birthday Sir.
    Thank you so much for your devotion and passion for the Gospel.
    As you attain a new age, may God Almighty continue to increase you beyond all bounds.

    Remain Blessed.

  54. Happy birthday to my Daddy, my mentor. Pastor Sir, I love you dearly for everything. You have been a great blessing to me and many all around the world.
    I want to thank you specially today for answering the call of God to impart us with the knowledge of God’s word.
    Thank you Sir love and appreciate you Sir.

  55. Happy birthday my Daddy. Thank you for all the blessings you have brought into my life and my family. We love and appreciate you dearly.
    My prayer is that, God’s blessings and grace multiply in your life. We love you Sir.

  56. Happy Birthday Sir,
    Your teachings have impacted and Blessed so many lives. You are a Blessing to our generation. May God continue to uplift as you work deligently in His vineyard, and may He give you the Grace to more higher heights ahead.
    Enjoy your day.

  57. I’m eternally grateful to you sir ,for giving my life a meaning. Thank you so much sir. Happy birthday sir!

  58. Happy Birthday dear man of GOD. May GOD allow you t o live longer so that you keep doing your ministry. You’re a blessing to us all and I wish you all the best. May be lifted higher as an eagle, may you be deeply enrooted in the word of GOD, may your family and your environment be forever impacted by your presence and your living style.

    1. Happy Birthday Esteemed Man of God, thank God for your life and being such a blessing to generations after generations even generations unborn. Pray that you live to celebrate your centenary in good health.

  59. Happy birthday Pastor
    Thank you for teaching me life.
    I know who l am because of the Word you have taught me.
    I am forever grateful to God for the Word.
    Grace and peace is multiplied in your life and family.
    Love you Pastor
    I wish you many more years
    Happy happy birthday

    Your Teachings are Phenomenal, and i’ve been blessed by them. My understanding in scriptures and knowing what it means to be a Christian has been made possible by Your teachings,
    God Bless You Pastor.

  61. Happy birthday Pastor Chris! God made you such a blessing for me and my family, and we pray that He who is able to multiply all graces multiply for you all these blessings we receive through you! We thank God so much that you exist, we will always be grateful that He works so mightly in our lives through you. Blessed is that day you were born, and today even more!

  62. Happy birthday My highly esteemed pastor, mentor, life coach, teacher and a father of many nation’s. Words can’t express depths of love I have for u. Thank you for the investment of your personality in me. Sir I want to say thank you for the word and your sacrifice and labour of love. Right now I don’t know the exact prayers for u. But I pray that God continues to increase his grace on your life and gives u a deeper revelation of his word amen.

  63. Happy birthday to the celebrated Man of God. You are great. May your new age be new authority and power in the name of Jesus for greater works.
    Joseph K. Lanbon, Ghana

  64. Happy birthday to the celebrated Man of God. you are great! May your new age be new authority and power in the name of Jesus for greater works.
    By Joseph K. Lanbon

  65. Happy birthday great man of God, Indeed guy are a real teacher of the Word,you teach the Word with so much clarity,God bless your new age. Amen.

  66. A Glorious and Wonderful Happy Birthday To You Man of God Pastor Chris. I wish you Sound Mind, Sound Health and Prosperity.

  67. Blessed and Joyous happy birthday man of God, you have touched the lives of many including ours and have changed and shaped the world toward the glorious revelation of Christ.

    Thank you and God Bless you.

  68. May God bless his new age and I pray for many more years to come amen.

  69. Happy birthday Pastor sir. Most of what I know now, I learnt from you sir. You have made Christianity clear to understand and a joy to live. I love dearly Pastor sir

  70. Happy birthday to my father. A great man, a man of miracle and wonders. U are truly the best father in the whole wide world. I love you so much. Happy birthday to u

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