New year prayers, Prayers for 2024

Happy new year. Looking for prayers to pray in this new year 2020? this post contains new year prayers for 2020. Pray them in the first week of the year.

Happy New Year. As you have entered this New Year 2024, you need to enter with prayers. These New Year prayers that are listed below do well to pray these New Year prayers also share when you receive these prayers.


  1. Father Lord discipline me to be an affected person, to trust your sovereignty even when it makes no sense. Your approaches are high than mine. In Jesus name
  2. I refuse to be ignorant enough to trust my own strength this year 2024, for the conflict isn’t to the strong. Grant me grace to yield to you. May also your energy be made best in my weak point, in Jesus’ name. Amen
  3. Lord I pray for favor this New Year 2024. For it is favor which could lift a man to locations no talent can.
  4. May I be discovered inside the proper places at the proper time to satisfy opportunities on this New Year, By means of your grace and favor, through Christ Jesus Amen
  5. Teach me to wait on you Lord, which my strength can be renewed.
  6. I will run and not be weary this New Year 2024! Help me to walk by your will and by all means grow faint.
  7. Lord I pray for awareness and humility to understand and take desirable decisions.
  8. Surround me with those who will permit and enrich my walk with you. Amen
  9. Father ship me instructors to equip me this new year.
  10. We are trusting you for an increase in strong intercessors that will stand in the gap, no just for me, however for the body of Christ. Increase
  11. Increase destiny helpers for me, and for my circle of relatives and my pals. In Jesus name
  12. Father supply me with the right approach and possibility to be bless others.
  13. May also I bless them in different dimensions and locations that only you can see, in Jesus name.
  14. Father cast off all rot, decay and falsehood within your bride. Cleanse her from within.
  15. Remove the preference to build up matters on this earth, wherein moth and decay will eat it.
  16. Easy our hearts Lord, replenish us with overflowing love for mankind, that we may definitely love them as you will.
  17. May your grace open doors through my kindness. As Moses’ path was open by means of a random act of kindness, let that be my testimony.
  18. Oh lord I pray that these New Year prayers will be answered in Jesus name, amen.
  19. Raise an increasing number of men and women who’re after your heart, to serve in the church.
  20. May your true nature be glaring via us.
  21. Teach us to be men and women of movement, now not men whose name will be heard in our criticism of the church. May we be the exchange, as you had been?
  22. Father May we be recognized by love. Permit love to outshine in our various lives.
  23. Rid us of greed and selfishness. In Jesus name
  24. Father we come humbly before you. We confess that we have forsaken your methods as cities and countries across the world. We do no longer love like you do. We do no longer give like you do. There may be deep seated hatred among us. We desperately want your intervention in Jesus name.
  25. Open the hearts and eyes of our leaders, to bridge division and not to create them. In Jesus name, amen
  26. May the church be known as a beacon of wish in these final days? Amen
  27. Open our hearts to see beyond the variations that our eyes see. Amen
  28. I pray that may we never be blinded via patriotism or nationalism, to the regular fact that is Christ is the way out, amen
  29. I pray that this New Year will bring tons of blessings
  30. Lord I pray that you could seek my heart, seek my thoughts and my deeds. If there may be anything that hinders the prosperity this New Year, reveal and assist me to defeat it.
  31. We come against all sickness and disease of any frame this new year. Renew and revive us oh Lord. May also your word stand above the words of medical doctors? We will live and not die young!
  32. We pray for the fitness of our brethren oh Lord. Grant them appropriate health this New Year in Jesus name.

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  33. We pray for the souls of folks that do not know you. Open their eyes, draw their hearts to you oh Lord.
  34. Anywhere there is brokenness, be the remedy oh lord.
  35. We come in opposition to bitterness and hatred in this New Year, heal our hearts.
  36. We pray for the fitness of our marriages. The fitness of our relationship with you oh Lord. Provide us grace to seek you while you can still be found, and to love while we can.
  37. We proclaim divine restoration in which health is devoid, in organizations, in marriages, in our minds, in our bodies, in spirit and in our souls, thru Christ Jesus. Amen

When you start your year with these New Year prayers, you begin to see results. These prayers for 2024 should be prayed in the first week of the year.

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