Kobe Bryant and Katelyn Faber  Rape Case Accusation

Remember Kobe Bryant, who died on 26th January 2020? Let’s flashback to one of his saddest moments. In 2003, Katelyn Faber accused Kobe Bryant of raping her in a hostel room, specifically at Cordillera Hotel. Although the police said that Katelyn had mental issues and said she is a danger to herself. The following year, Katelyn Faber received compensation from Kobe Bryant because she said she doesn’t want to stand trial.

On the other hand, Kobe insisted that they had consensual sex; however, his statement is contrary to several evidence. At that moment, his family was affected, and his wife had a miscarriage.

How much money did Katelyn Faber get?

After so much misunderstanding between Katelyn Faber and Kobe, they agreed to settle at $2.5million. This boosted the net worth of Katelyn Faber.

Katelyn Faber Photos

Katelyn Faber

Katelyn Faber bikini

katelyn faber and Kobe Bryant

Some facts about Katelyn Faber 

  1. Katelyn Faber was born on 18th June 1985; she is 36 years old. She was just 19 years old when she accused Kobe of raping her.
  2. You might ask where Katelyn Faber is; well, Just after the rape accusation, Katelyn Faber stepped out of social media and decided to go on a break.
  3. After Kobe Bryant’s death, more ladies accused him of raping them; it’s was hectic that period.
  4. Katelyn Faber’s net worth is currently dangling at $5million.
  5. As per her birthplace and nationality, she was born in Eagle County in the state of Colorado. She is American.

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