Lisa Pemberton, Paul Anka Wife – Wiki/Bio, Age, Net Worth, Kids, Husband and Divorce Story

Lisa Pemberton has become famous as the spouse of American-Canadian artist Paul Anka. Lisa Pemberton has never spoken about her past. Lisa was birthed in Ontario, Canada, on July 15, 53. Lisa was born by her parents.

Dorothy Pemberton (left) and Ron Pemberton Lisa Pemberton is a native of Ottawa. She studied at Carleton University, where she received a degree in human relations and psychology. Lisa Pemberton later studied at UC Berkeley School for a Bachelor of Public Health. Lisa continued to work as an adolescent counselor until 1977 after she completed her bachelor’s degree.

How old is Lisa Pemberton?

Lisa Pemberton was Paul Anka’s famous wife. Paul is an accomplished singer/songwriter. Our calculations show that she is 41 years old, 39 years younger than Paul Anka, who is now 80. Born in Ottawa on July 30, 1941. He is married to an unknown woman, with no information about where she was born or her background. She also hasn’t revealed anything about her family, education, or childhood.

Lisa Pemberton Is Married To Singer Paul Anka

Lisa and Paul were married in 2016 and have enjoyed a happy marriage. In the early 2000s, Paul met Lisa for the first time at a wedding. According to reports, the couple dated for more than six years before tying their wedding knot. This was done in order to determine if they were in a long-term relationship. In October 2016, after six years of dating, the couple decided to go further in their relationship.

The wedding took place at the Four Seasons Hotel located in Los Angeles. They were even witnessed by their friends and family, including Brian Grazer.

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Paul Anka had previously been married twice

Paul was married only once during his lifetime, at 75. It’s not true. He was married before he met Lisa. He was married first to Anne de Zogheb, who is the daughter of Lebanese Diplomat Charles de Zagreb. They first met in Puerto Rico in 1962. Anne, a former fashion model with Eileen Ford Agency, was married at Paris-Orly Airport on February 16, 1963. They were married on February 16, 1963, at Paris Orly Airport. Their five daughters have names like Amelia, Anthea, Alicia, Amanda Alexandra. Anne even quit her modeling job when their daughter was born. They divorced after 37 years.

Anna Aberg – his personal trainer – was married to him for a second time in 2008. She was 30 years younger than him. In Sardinia, they exchanged vows and gave birth to a child the following year. The couple’s relationship didn’t last longer than two years. They split up in 2010. Paul is the sole parent of their child after their divorce.

Lisa Pemberton Height and Weight

Lisa measures approximately five feet seven inches and weighs about 66 kilograms. She was born in 1941, while her husband is from July 30. Lisa’s hubby will turn 82 by 2024. Paul’s height is approximately 1.67 meters.

Lisa Pemberton’s net worth

Lisa Pemberton is Paul’s wealthy and comfortable wife. According to several sources, Lisa is worth $2. Pemberton earned substantial money working in a cosmetics department. Lisa’s hubby, on the contrary, has an estimated net worth of $80 million.

Lisa Pemberton Children

Lisa has been married to singer David for nearly five years. However, the couple has not planned any babies. Lisa is the stepmother for six of Paul’s kids from prior marriages. She is the stepmother of Paul’s five daughters, Amanda, Anka, Anthea, Alexandra, and Alicia, Amelia. He has a son with his first wife, but his name and picture are not mentioned.

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