Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of our time. Besides, this network every day manages to attract thousands of new users from all over the world.

This platform allows you to share audiovisual content most simply. Because of this, it has become an essential tool to promote content through images. In this wow essay, we will show you how to use Instagram to create your marketing strategy.

10 tips to create a marketing strategy on Instagram.

Take square photos

If what you want is to promote your brand and your products through images and all kinds of audiovisual content, Instagram is the right social network to do it. However, it is vital to make sure you upload good quality photos. The ideal is to take square photos to ensure that the application will not cut any part of the content. Most mobile devices nowadays have the option to take pictures in this type of format.

Shorten link

If you shorten your Instagram links, you will be able to monitor the number of users coming to your website from your Instagram page more quickly. There are excellent tools that allow you to shorten links straightforwardly. It is a perfect strategy to keep track of user traffic on your networks.

Use a useful link for your profile

Through your Instagram page, you can create direct access links to a landing page, where you will keep all the information about your business. Make sure you create short and attractive links so that your Instagram followers can access them without any problem.

Take advantage of Hashtags

Remember that Instagram users often use the “Explore” section to discover new brands and pages. If you use hashtags for well-known phrases and brands in your posts, people are more likely to reach out to your page.

Turn your Instagram page into a real marketing funnel

Once you get followers, you need to take it a step further. Create posts where you invite your users to log in and enter their data to receive information, offers, and newsletters about your product in the future. This way, you will create a good database of emails from people interested in your brand.

Combine photos and videos

As we all know, video is the content that generates the most interaction on different social platforms.

A user is more likely to watch a video than to read a piece of writing. If you combine images and videos in your Instagram advertising strategy, you will get fabulous results after a while.

You can visit Instagram pages of famous brands, such as McDonald’s, Oreo, or Nike, to get some inspiration and see what kind of content these agencies create.

Take advantage of sponsored ads

Sponsored ads are becoming increasingly popular on Instagram pages. Different brands can promote their products with their users and followers, and people within their target audience. Use this advertising tool to generate ads to promote your products.

Direct users to your most valuable content

While it is true that Instagram does not offer the possibility of accessing a link through publications, you can point out to your users that there is a link in your account profile that will be very useful for them. Add photos and videos containing a short description in which you highlight that there is a link to your company in your profile.

Make people share your content

The more “likes” you get and the more times your followers share your Instagram posts, your business will be more successful. Ensure your images and videos contain meaningful quotes and messages that users want to share with all their friends on their Instagram platform.

This way, you’ll get your followers to promote your product.

Develop an editorial calendar

Something that will save you time when creating your marketing strategy on Instagram is scheduling publications. If you do it this way, you won’t have to be publishing posts all the time.

People who specialize in marketing strategies usually dedicate a couple of hours of a single day a week to schedule all the content shared on their Instagram account throughout the week.


Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most chosen social networks, particularly by young audiences. If you want your brand to reach a considerable level of popularity, you should not rule out creating your marketing strategy on this social network.

As you have seen above, it is not a platform that presents significant difficulties. You can also even hire a partner specialized in the management of social networks to mount a good marketing strategy with your company’s name.

We assure you that you will get a lot of benefits from this social network.

Vicki Mata is a writer who writes about education and marketing. One of her favorite topics is digital marketing. He believes that technology can help improve the efficiency of business processes.

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