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Joyce Meyer daily devotional is very popular devotional books read by many round the world. In this post, I will write about Joyce Meyer devotional and at the end of this post, you will be able to download daily devotional Joyce Meyer.

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Joyce Meyer was born in June 4 1943 is an American charismatic is a speaker, a Christian author and proud founder of Joyce Meyer ministries. Married to Dave with four children and live outside st. Louis.

She was born again when she heard the voice of God one morning in 1976 at age nine. As at now, Joyce Meyer house as seen by many, has been be criticized that she lives an expensive life. She responded to the allegations about her home and assets saying “we don’t need to apologize for been blessed”

Joyce Meyer home was talked by many forgetting the fact that she was richly blessed. Sometimes, I ask “is it bad for a Christian to live a luxury life” I don’t think so. If God has blessed you, bless others also; get the useful things you need.

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In the year 2009, Joyce Meyer received accreditation from the Evangelical council for financial accountability [ECFA]. This was announced as at 12th of March 2009. The board committee of ECFA stated that Joyce Meyer ministries have met with their proposed requirements.


Even though there are many daily devotions books, all books written by Joyce Meyer has been an inspiration to many and up till now, people get filled spiritually by her books. Joyce Meyer ministries have been a blessing to Christians.

In this blog, we may not provide daily devotional by Joyce Meyer here, but we provide the complete 365 days devotionals Joyce Meyer 2019, all you need to do is to download and read daily.

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